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Pink vaginal discharge is common in early pregnancy hun. Only worry if you experience abdominal cramping or red vaginal bleeding. Contact your doctor for confirmation of the pregnancy & congratulations.

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Q: My period is due in 2 days I had a pos preg test and you have cramping and just today you had a pink discharge Is this normal you had a mc back in Nov so you are scared?
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To don't have to because every female has it And it's totally normal

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If you are pregnant do you still have a discharge?

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What do you do when you have started your period and you are scared to go to school?

Why would you be scared to go to school? Menstruation is a normal process that many people experience, menstruation doesn't stop you from doing what you would do normally and there's no reason to be scared about doing anything on your period. Just be sure to keep supplies with you, change often, and have friends tell you if you leak.

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What if your having all the symptoms of pregnancy and have a today period with spotting could you be pregnant?

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it's normal that happens to me 2 some girls don't get their period at all !!

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