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My service engine light in my 2000 s-10 came on how do i reset the light?


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you could take a battery terminal loose for a minute then put it back


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How does one reset service engine light on 2000 Nissan Quest Thanks Bill

unhook the positive on the battery for 5 min. This should reset your check engine light if it doesnt then you still have issues.

disconnect battery for 5 minutes, and then reconnect

go to a mechanic shop and get a scanner plugged in to your vehicles brain

try to reset oil light on 528i bmw year 2000

You use the test monitor and scroll down to clear code

Try disconnecting the battery for a minute or 2 and then re-connect. This sometimes clears the codes in the engine control modules.

The light is reset with a scan tool after the repair. There is not a button.

After repairing the cause of the code, you clear the code with a scan tool.

Discconect the negative cable from the battery for a few minutes and that should do the trick

In order to get your SRS Service Airbag light reset, You have to go to the Volvo dealership.

The service engine light on your 2000 Ford Explorer by bringing out the oil life indicator screen. On the oil life screen holds the button down until the oil life goes to 100%. This should kick your service engine soon light off.

A person can reset the check engine light by using an OBD scanner to clear the codes. This is after the problem is fixed.

can you tell me why my 1999-2000 Chevy trailblazer light is on

Unhook the battery for about 2 minutes and that will reset the computer.

first scan it to find out why it is on -- you can reset by disconnecting battery for approx 10 min - it will probably come back on if you didn't repair the problem

I don't know about the 2000 year model directly but the 1996 is similar I am sure. To reset the "check engine" light, find the EFI fuse (probably under the hood in the fusebox on the driver's side) and with the engine off, remove it for one minute minimum. Replace the fuse and the "check engine" light should be reset.

go to auto zone they will run the machine that tells you why the light is on and they can reset it with that

The light shows that a service is due It is distance or time related.

You can reset it with your OBD reader or you can disconnect the negative battery cable for a couple of minutes to reset the check engine light.

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