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Name five major rivers in the Midwest region?

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Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Platte and Des Moines Rivers

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What region of India gets it name from the fact that it is drained by 5 major rivers?

The State of Punjab

What is the name of the region between Ohio and the rockies?


What is The name of a River starting with the letter X in the Midwest Region?


What famous people are from the Midwest region and there name ends with P?

Cougar Melloncamp

What are the major rivers in Iran?

Please name all the rivers in Iran

How did the mid west region earn the name America's breadbasket?

The midwest region got the name America's Breadbasket because it produces much of the nation's food.

What is the tidewater region?

The tidewater region is another name for the coastal plain, it has 4 rivers bordering it. The names are: the York, the Rappahannock, the James, and the Fredrick rivers.

Name all major rivers in Pennsylvania?

The major rivers in Pennsylvania are Allegheny River, The Ohio River, and The Potomac River.

Name two major Rivers that run through Myanmar?

Ayeyarwady and Chindwin rivers

Name some of the landforms found in each region?

plains mountains and rivers are some of the landforms in each region

Which name identifies the region located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?


Name a major landform found in the Midwest?

im notsure=/ plains... not sure of any others.

Name other major rivers of UK?

Other than what?

Can you name the major rivers of Oklahoma?

What is Oklahoma's major's river

Name of two major rivers in France?

Milly and slant

Can you name two major rivers in Asia?

Ganges Lena

What is the name of rivers that carry water to a major river?

A tibutary

Explain two factors which influence manufacturing in Dublin region State the name of the region clearly?

The Dublin region is that has airports. It also has rivers and mountains.

What is the name of the region that is between the two main rivers of garden of eden today?


Can you name some rivers in the California mountain region?

merced sacramento los angeles

Name three rivers that run through Germany?

The Rhine, Danube and the Elbe are the three major rivers of Germany.

Why is the word Mesopotaima a good word for this region?

Mesopotamia is a good name for this region because it means between to rivers which is where Mesopotamia is located.

Can you name the three major rivers in Louisiana?

Mississippi, Pearl and Sabine

Name three major rivers in the US?


What are the name of Argentina rivers?

There are three major rivers in Argentina. These rivers are the Paraguay River, the Parana, the Alto Parana, and the Rio de la Plata.