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Name the Supreme Allied Commanders in the Pacific and Europe How did they earn these titlesjobs?

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The Combined Chiefs of Staff, a US-British military coalition,

established the basic framework for the commands. They took their

marching order from FDR and Churchill who pretty well agreed on the

who, what, when and where of how to fight WWII. The lead in the

west was going to depend on US weapons and manpower and the top

posts would be held by Americans. Eisenhower was selected to head

SHAPE or the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe for both his

planning and political skills. The Pacific was divided into the

Pacific Oceans Area or POA which Nimitz was to command and SWPA or

the Southwest Pacific Area which would go to Gerneral MacArthur

whose knowledge of the Phillipenes and his influence with the Joint

Chiefs of Staff or JCS earned him the nod.

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