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Need step by step directions on how to replace brake pads on 1991 Chevy Cavalier?


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k, first (after the tire is off) remove the two mounting bolts on the back of the caliper. I believe that they are a 10mm. could be wrong on size. they are long so it does take a minute. After they slide out lift the caliper up and the old pads should slide out. Next take a piece of wood or something long, thin, and hard and lay it across the piston. Then take a C-clamp and put one end on the back of the caliper and the other end on the piece of wood. Tighten the clamp to push the piston back in. MAKE SURE that you KEEP THE CLAMP CENTERED in the MIDDLE of the piston. If it gets cocked it takes a long time to recenter and push it in. Not complicated, but just annoying to rock the piston back in. Once the piston is all the way in, the small pad goes in the back and the long one will attach in the front. Check the rotor to make sure they don't need to be replaced. If they are grooved badly, the jsut pick up some new ones and the just slide on and off. very easy. Once the rotor are on slide the caliper back over the rotor so it looks how it did before you took it off. If the space between the pads isn't wide enough for the rotor then you did not push the piston in all the way. Then just take the pads off and re-push the pistone till it stops or is flush with the caliper wall. The put the pads back on and slide over the rotor. Next you have to play with the caliper be sliding it up and down a little to re-allign the bolts with the holes, you will know you have them when you feel them start to grab. then just tighten them back down. Then LIGHTLY, unscrew the bleeder valve on the back of the caliper. It looks like a grease zerk. When it is loose not off have someone step on the brake pedal. After the fluid squirts out tighten up the valve. They might have to step on the pedal a few time to get the fluid out. Also make sure the brake fluid is full before doing this. Do this three or four time to work all the air out. Then put the tire back on and chack the fluid level and top it off if it needs it. Then press the backe pedak a few times until it gets hard. Then cruise around the block a few times to make sure there is no air left in the lines. Then admire your work. If your rotors smoke a little and I do mean a little, that's normal, like you can barely see the somke there should be so little. It might squeek for the first day, but the smoke and squeek only happens if you get the pads and rotor too greasey. You really shouldn't touch the rotors too much. If you replace them then, don't touch them use the plastic bags they come in to install them, just remember to take the bake off first. Just handle them with the bag between your hands and rotors. Hope this helps you.


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