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Need the diode for a Briggs stratton 18 hp engine model 31h777 type 0228-e1 on a sears garden tractor?



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Part Number you need is Briggs part # 691185, this is a regulator, not a diode, there actually is not a diade on this engine or machine, sounds like maybe it is not charging?. Fair warning, any time this unit is "jump" started this part should be unplugged first, or it will be shorted out, and it is rather costly. Here is a quick lesson on a battery to hold a charge thru the winter months. remove the battery from the mower at the end of the season and store it in a sealed ice chest, you will find it will hold a charge much better than sitting out in the open, reason being, no air afloat allowing molecules touching each other and joining together with the battery posts of neg & pos which in turn drain the battery.