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I am among the multiple thousands of Vietnam Veterans living throughout the country.

We can be found through local VFW, American Legion, AMVET, or Vietnam Veterans of America organizations, or through Google searches for veterans organizations.

Message me if you need to interview a Vietnam vet.

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Does the wife of a Vietnam veteran get any pension after he dies?

It depends if the veteran or the family of the veteran shows financial need.

Was Lee Harvey Oswald a Vietnam veteran?

No, he was not a Korean War Veteran and he was not a Vietnam Veteran.

What actors and actresses appeared in No Unwounded Soldiers - 2007?

The cast of No Unwounded Soldiers - 2007 includes: Frank Attruia as Vietnam veteran Grace Bell as World War II veteran Edward Borucki as World War II veteran George LaBounty as Vietnam veteran Mary Lou Lauricella as Drama Therapist Lewis Mungo as Vietnam veteran Al Perrault as Vietnam veteran Janet Rilance as Sister of Vietnam veteran Robert Timmins as Iraq veteran

Can you find a Vietnam Veteran?

Hahahaa... my grandparents are Vietnam veterans =D and you can sometimes find them in Australia because of the war, as they all had to flee around the world

Who paid to build the Vietnam veterans memorial?

Veteran and non-veteran donations.

Do you qualify as a Vietnam veteran if you served in Thailand?

yes, technically, because there were wars in Thailand due to the vietnam war, so the person even though did not fight in Vietnam, was involved in the vietnam war and should be considered a vietnam war veteran

Who defined Vietnam era veteran?

No particular individual defined the term. A veteran, in this sense, means someone who served in a particular conflict, Vietnam in this case.

Do you need to have served on active duty to be a veteran?

Unless the government amended it's regulations since the Vietnam era, yes.

If non-combat are you still considered a Vietnam veteran?

Anyone regardless of rank, branch of service, or jobspeciality, who served in country or in the waters off the coast and were awarded a Vietnam campaign ribbon indicating that they did so is a Vietnam veteran, regardless of the job they performed. The guy who was a chaplain's assistant, cook or clerk typist etc, who served there is a Vietnam veteran just as the combat veteran.

What were the ages of the Vietnam war soldiers?

According to the VVA the average age of the Vietnam veteran was 19.

Was Mr Rogers a Vietnam veteran?

No, he never served in the military.

What day is Vietnam Veterans day?

There is no day for the Vietnam vets. Instead there is a veteran day for all in November.

What was General Creighton Abrams famous for in the Vietnam War?

Abrams, along with a host of other men, was a WWII veteran; and commander of US Forces in Vietnam...he replaced Westmoreland, who was also a WWII veteran.

Was Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam war?

As with MOST senior leaders during the Vietnam War, LBJ was a WWII veteran.

If you were honorably discharged in February 1961 from the Army after serving from 1958 would you be considered a Vietnam vet?

Unless you actually served in Viet Nam you are not a Viet Nam Veteran. You are considered a Veteran. I served from 1964-1967 and never was sent to Viet Nam, but was sent to Germany. I am a Veteran but not a Viet Nam Veteran.Additional infoVietnam vets are vets that served from 1964 to 1975 and received the Vietnam Service Metal (VSM ). The military had regulations covering who received the VSM. So since you did not serve during those dates, you would not be eligible for the VSM and therefore not considered a Vietnam Veteran. (If you had served anytime from 1964 to 1975 and had not received the VSM, you would be referred to as a Vietnam Era Veteran.

How is a Vietnam veteran different from another War Veteran?

Most vets are accepted by their fellow countrymen. Many Viet Vets either had to lie (say they weren't in Vietnam) or fight their countrymen upon their return.

What is a Vietnam Combat Veteran?

A former member of the military who participated in actual combat operations in Vietnam during the Vietnam War (roughly 1959-1973).

What is a Vietnam -era veteran?

Not everyone who served during the era of the Vietnam War went to Vietnam. Some remained in cantonment. Some participated in other military actions during this era (e.g., the occupation of the Dominican Republic, etc.). Some were stationed in other countries in support of operations in Vietnam. "Vietnam-era veteran" refers to them.

Should veteran be capitalized?

The general noun "veteran", as in "Mary is a veteran" is not capitalized. "The Vietnam veterans marched in the parade". The word is capitalized when it is part of a title; an in Veterans' Day, or Veterans' Administration.

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