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I had this problem once in a Honda. It turned out that mice had made a nest in the duct, which restricted air flow. Any number of causes could restrict air flow in or out of the blower. Use an inspection mirror to look into the ducts. Underhood facing the front of the truck, the heater fan squirrel cage is on top part of the firewall on your left. There are three screws that hold it in. You may have to loosen/move the washer fluid resovoir also. After the squirrel cage is loose, unplug the unit from the wiring harness. Now pop out the rubber cover from the electric fan motor. You'll be able to see the brushes and the shaft. These get dirty and lose contact. Use q-tips and some rubbing alcohol while spinning the fan to clean. Should work pretty good after that.

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Q: Need to find out why when heater fan is on full and running why very little air is coming out?
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Antifreeze coming in air vents?

Your heater core is leaking, Need to REPLACE HEATER CORE.

Smoke is coming out of your vents what is wrong with your car?

you probably need a heater core.

Why does a heater blower have a humming noise when the motor is running?

If the heater blower has humming noise when motor is running, first check its capacitor. If the capacitor is fine, then the motor is the problem and may need to be replaced.

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

Where is water on drivers side of 2003 Chevy Trailblazer coming from?

It could be coming from your heater core, may need to repair or replace it.

01 beetle no hot air from heater?

If a 2001 VW Beetle does not have hot air coming from the heater there is a problem with the vehicles heating system. The heater core is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced.

Does a car heater need gasoline to work?

The engine has to be running and warmed up for the heater to produce hot air. So yes, you need gasoline to get heat from your car (unless you have an electric car).

Why is there smoke and a piss smell coming from the front vents on a Lincoln Navigator?

you need a new heater core

Can you patch a heater hose on a 1999 gmc suburban?

No you can not, It is under to much pressure when engine is running. NEED to REPLACE IT.

Why is smoke coming from the air conditioner vent when the heat is on while the car has been running for a while?

If it smells sweet ,it is coolant, and the heater core has failed. If it smells electrical you have a wiring problem and need to remove whatever is necessary to find cause.

Need help about force heater why wont the heater stay running when the blue button is reslease after 30 sec?

You might have to try pushing the button for longer, or you might have a bad thermocouple.

How do you know which heater core you need to replace on a 94 ford aerostar front or rear you have heat but no defrost and stream comes out of the vents when heat is on?

Front heater core is in the dash, the rear heater core is all the way in the back of the vehicle. If you have steam coming out of the dash vents, the front HC is leaking. If you have steam coming out of the rear heater vents, then the rear core is leaking.

How do you fix a antifreeze leak coming out from above the passenger floor board of a 1994 jeep wrangler?

You will need to replasce the heater core.

Why will my 1999 diesel only start running when the block heater is plugged in even in warm weather?

Your 99 diesel will only start running when the block heater is plugged in because your glow plugs need replaced. The fuel is not reaching a high enough temperature to initiate compression.

There is an l shaped hose coming out of the bottom of my heater core in myu 97 grand am it is leaking antifreeze as soon as we put it in it comes right out this hosewhat is this hose and how do you s?

I have a leak coming from what appears to the a heater hose that is against the firewall in my 1996 Pontiac Grand Am. How do I repair this problem? How much is the hose? This hose appears to be coming from the back of the heater. The hose is a drain for the air conditioning.u need a heater is inside the black plastic box.some are easy two change.some very hard.

How do you repair a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee when the heater is not working?

Need more info like, is the blower working or not, is the air coming out cold or warm when it should be hot, is the air not coming out where it should be.

Can a 100 amp sub main handle a 27 KW Electric water heater wired to 3 40 amp breakers?

You need to say what voltage the heater is running on (it's different in different countries).

I'M a single mother of 3 and in need of a roof, windows,there is water coming in the basement,the heatwater heater is leaking and i really need the grand to get repairs done on the house?

how can i get the help

Why is brown water coming out of hot water faucet?

You may need to flush out your hot water heater, there mey be alot of sediment in the tank.

Bad heater on your 98 Crown Victoria?

Need a little more info than " bad heater ". Explain what the condition is, what was done, if anything before, and what it was like before. And what is it like now.

How can you stop outside cold air from coming in when the heat is on?

The simple solution is to set your heater to recirculate so no new fresh air comes in. If it is coming in through the doors and such you may need to replace the seals.

How much propane is burned in a propane fireplace on average?

Too broad a question. Need BTUs of heater + how many hours running per day to answer.

Do you need gas for an electric water heater?

No, you only need gas for a gas water heater.

What's the monthly cost of plugging in an RV for the winter not running any power just the block heater?

No need to plug the block heater in if your not going to use the RV. If you plan on using the RV just plug in the block heater the day or two before you want to use the RV.

How do you bypass a broken heater core on a 1988 Chevy Celebrity?

You should have 2 hoses running into your fire wall that goes to your heater core. They will be close together. They will also be coming from you cooling system somewhere. You can cut those hoses and get tube and a couple of clamps to join those hoses together. I wouldn't do that unless you live somewhere warm though... You will need to replace your heater core in order to have heat during the winter... I would go to your local library and check out a Chiltons or Haynes manual on that vehicle and look through there to see about the heater core.