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Need to find out why when heater fan is on full and running why very little air is coming out?


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2005-12-13 19:37:37
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I had this problem once in a Honda. It turned out that mice had made a nest in the duct, which restricted air flow. Any number of causes could restrict air flow in or out of the blower. Use an inspection mirror to look into the ducts. Underhood facing the front of the truck, the heater fan squirrel cage is on top part of the firewall on your left. There are three screws that hold it in. You may have to loosen/move the washer fluid resovoir also. After the squirrel cage is loose, unplug the unit from the wiring harness. Now pop out the rubber cover from the electric fan motor. You'll be able to see the brushes and the shaft. These get dirty and lose contact. Use q-tips and some rubbing alcohol while spinning the fan to clean. Should work pretty good after that.


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Your heater core is leaking, Need to REPLACE HEATER CORE.

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If the heater blower has humming noise when motor is running, first check its capacitor. If the capacitor is fine, then the motor is the problem and may need to be replaced.

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white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

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It could be coming from your heater core, may need to repair or replace it.

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