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the green is the signal wire and it goes to the negative side of the ignition coil

you dont need to cause it has a factory tachometer

The blue wire is usually just an auxiliary wire. The blue wire does not need to be connected. Tape the end of the blue wire off.

You will need to connect the tach to a ground and +12v source, the signal wire will have to be connected to the ground on the coil. Since the truck is fuel injected, you will likely have to find a way to wire it in with the connector on the coil. Kyrasis6

Owners manual says 3.8 quarts if you do not change the oil filter, or 4.0 quarts if you do change the oil filter.

Yes, though there's no need for any wiring. The PSP Go, 1000, 2000 and 3000 can all connect to each other by way of an ad-hoc wi-fi connection.

I connect my wires to the fog lights connection, that way I had control from inside the car to turn them on or off.

need to know where to hook coil wire is all i need to know.

we need a keyboard to connect to the internet

No they are different part numbers. The one you are in need of for the 02 spectra is 0k2na63900. The one for the 01 Sephia is 0k2a363900

you need a new onr they do this occasionally and then need to be replaced

To change a condenser in a 2001 Kia Sephia you need to disconnect the refrigerant lines and unbolting the condenser. Lift the condensers out and replace with the new one.

The tachometer measures the number of revolutions the engine makes in a minute. This indirectly equates to the speed of the vehicle. Depending on the gear that the vehicle is in, you could determine speed with a tachometer. To determine your speed, you would need to know the gearing of the rear end as well as the circumference of the wheels.

You need either one or the other, depending on how you want to connect.You need either one or the other, depending on how you want to connect.You need either one or the other, depending on how you want to connect.You need either one or the other, depending on how you want to connect.

Citroen GS 1980 tachometer circuit diagram need

I have a 1996 Kia Sephia. The calipers are the same stock # on the 1995 model. You need a Hex Bit Socket. Size : 7 MM Hope that helps. TC

Yes, you do need cables to connect your computer to your television. You can also use the guide to find out about what type of cable that you need to connect the computer to the television.

You may need to replace your Thermostat or your Heater Core.

I need to find my password to connect my router to the internet? Where can I get it?

You either need a modem or a Dongle to connect to internet.You also need to get a internet connection from ISP.This is the way you connect to internet. You can also go to a Internet Cafe.

to connect to itunes you need to download it if you already have you need to connect one end of the cord to the computer and the other end to your device

for the xbox you need a controller. for xbox connect you don't need a controller.

You need a Wireless signal for the internet and the password to connect to that Wi-Fi.

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