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Some car battery charges will not charge a completely dead battery. You need to find a type of battery charger that is designed to charge a completely dead battery. You can get around this by hooking a car with a working battery up to the dead battery with jumper cables. The alternator/charging system of the car with the good battery will charge the dead battery. Leave them connected for about 30 min, then disconnect and try to use the battery charger again. If it still won't charge, hook it up to the car with the good battery for a longer period of time.

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Q: New car battery not used for months will not accept charge from charger?
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What if your gateway model SA6 wont charge and you know its not the charger how do you fix it?

How do you know its not the charger? Did you try it in another computer? If it isn't the cord or battery its the Motherboard. Happened to me 6 months ago.

What is the best way to store a car battery for three months?

Make sure the distilled water is at the right levels in the cells and trickle charge with a mains battery charger for 12 hours every week.

Can you leave a trickle charger on a car battery for 5 months?

Yes, that is the purpose of a trickle charger. Just make sure it is an automatic charger that comes on when needed and then stops charging when the battery is fully charged. You can leave it on a battery for years if need be.

Which battery cable is removed during storage?

Either one can be removed but I recommend you remove them both, then remove the battery and store it in a dry location. Charge it every 3 months or keep a trickle charger on it constantly.

Should you disconnect a car battery when car is not used for a few months?

Yes, this will prevent the clock from running it down. You can also install a trickle charger to keep it charged. A battery with no charge will freeze. Keep it charged and it will not freeze.

The car has been left standing for 3 months and will not start no ignition light on the dashboard?

It is very common for the battery to discharge on a vehicle sitting idle for 3 months. First disconnect the positive + & negative- battery cables, and clean the battery post and cable connections off. Apply a thin layer of dielectric grease or Vaseline to the battery post and connect the negative - cable. Put a battery charger on the battery and let it fully charge overnight. If it will not accept a charge it is defective. It it does show fully charged, connect the positive + cable and see if the engine will start. if not, then more than likely the battery is dead and needs replacing.

How long can a battery hold its charge?

Depends on the condition of the battery. Most will hold a charge for at least 6 months if they are not connected to anything.

My car hasn't started in months?

charge the battery should be ok

How long will a battery hold it's charge?

I assume you mean if it is stored. It depend on the battery and what condition it is in. A good auto battery will hold it's charge for at least 6 months.

Will A Car Battery Hold its Charge If not in a Car?

Yes, it will hold it's charge for at least 6 months in storage if it is a very good battery to start with.

Caravan battery wont keep its charge once inside caravan only had it 6 months?

what are you running of the battery? also do you have the double electrics for charging battery when driving.if not keeping charge you need a new battery

How long new 12v battery for car can be store without charge?

A good auto battery will hold it's charge for at least 6 months or longer.

How does a lawnmower charge a battery?

I suppose you're referring to a riding mower. As you didn't specify the age, make, etc, this will be an educated guess. If the mower is kept in a controlled environment, such as a garage with heat during the winter months, the battery should hold charge for years. If it is kept in a shed outside, then you'll probably need to charge the mower's battery every spring. All you need is a battery charger with jumper cables. Make sure it is capable of charging you're mower's battery. The battery is charged by a generator or magneto. It is located under the flywheel.

Is it better to disconnect a car battery when leaving it for 4 - 5 months?

Yes, or you can connect a 1 amp trickle charger to the battery during storage to keep it fully charged.

Will a cell phone charger kill the car battery?

Maybe if you left it plugged in for 6 months without starting the car. Then again, if you let a car sit for 6 months, the battery may croak anyway. So, in short: No.

What problems can occur from disconnecting battery for 6 months on a 2009 Mitsubishi Galante?

None, other than the battery will loose some charge unless you connect it to a battery tender.

How do you store a new auto battery?

Clean the battery up with baking soda and water then fully charge it. Store it in a cool dry location. Recharge the battery every 2 months.

Why a car battery less than 2 months old won't hold a charge?

Weak alternator, dead cell in the battery, or something is on pulling power from the battery when the cars is not running.

How do you recharge a car gel battery left connected 8 months in an off road vehicle?

Gel batteries for vehicles are not inteded to be left for an extended period of time without at least a tricle charge. The best way to see if it is still any good is to put it on a charger that produces 1/1000th of the batteries amp rating and leave it there for 48 hours. this extremely slow charge will keep the battery from exploding and can re-excite the battery's chemical reaction.

Why does a car battery run down while its not running?

Can be a dead cell in the battery which will fully discharge the battery over night. The battery must be replaced. Of course any battery will loose it's charge over a few months of storage.

How do you keep your car battery from going dead after 4 months?

Maintaining Battery ChargeYou didn't say, so I have to assume by the "4 months" you mean you mean without starting, running, and using the vehicle.It that's the case, then it is not uncommon for most batteries to "self-discharge" over that time period. There are a few ways to maintain the battery's charge:Start the vehicle about once every two weeks, and allow it to idle for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the alternator to charge the battery, and allow time for the engine and coolant to fully heat up to normal operating temperature, and circulate lubricating oil throughout the engine which will help protect the engine's internal parts from corrosion.If you don't want to start and run the engine, then you can buy a small, inexpensive charger designed just for keeping the battery charged. This type of charger is called a "Trickle Charger"and puts out just enough current [about one Ampere (Amp)] just to maintain an already fully charged battery.You could also use an ordinary battery charger IF it hasa trickle charge mode of operation.Another option is to buy a Solar Trickle Charger [uses Photovoltaic cells]. With the solar trickle charger you just plug it into the cigarette lighter socket and then lay solar cell panel on top of the dashboard where it can get at least a few hours of sunlight daily.

What is the shelf life on a car battery?

I would not buy one that is over 6 months old. But the shelf life is at least a year. After the battery sits on the shelf for over 3 months it is a good idea to charge it before putting it into service.

How to save my car battery when not a running for amonth?

Nothing you have to do. It will be fine sitting for 1 month. If you plan on storing it for 3 or more months then put a trickle charger on it and leave it connected.

How long can you leave a battery off of a car?

It varies battery to battery. Age being the real factor. A new battery could go for months and still hold a charge, several year old one might be 3-4 days to a week.

Can you over charge your cell phone?

The phone itself will not be damaged. Once the charge is completed it will stop charging the phone. It can damage the battery though. If your phone is only half way down on the battery and you plug it in, the phone retains that memory. Once in a while it really doesn't matter but if you are constantly charging your phone every day when the battery isn't in real need of it, eventually the battery will go bad. It may even get to the point where it won't charge at all for you anymore. The general rule of thumb is to let your phone die completely about once a month to keep the battery fresh. What I would recommend though, is not charging your phone every day. Let the battery wear down. Buy a car charger so that you can charge it while driving if it needs to be. This will save you from buying a new battery every 9-12 months. New battery's usually cost around $50.