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Q: No fire after the coil packs on a 97 Lincoln town car what could be wrong?
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My ford escape won't accelerate past 50MPH do you have any idea what could be wrong?

probably your coil packs if not transmission

Where is ignition coil on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?

Your truck does not have ignition coil. Instead, it has coil packs. The 5.4L has eight coil packs one on each spark plug. The 4.6L has two coil pack blocks 4 on each block.

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 2000 Lincoln LS V8?

There are 8 bolts that hold it on. First remove the cover to the coil packs, Then the coil packs then the vallve cover,

How many coil packs are there for a 98 Lincoln Navigator?

8 -one per cylinder

Changed coil packs still misses at 45 55?

This could be a problem with timing or you need to check the leads to the coil packs are on firmly.

How long does it take to change 6 coil packs on a 99 lincoln navigator?

Good question.

How much do coil packs cost for a 1999 Lincoln Continental with a 4.6 engine?

A 99 continental does not have a coil pack, it is a coil on plug design. They cost about 55 dollars each

How many coil packs 2007 Hyundai accent?

four coil packs

What would cause a 2004 Lincoln Navigator to backfire?

It could be spark plugs or coil packs. Auto Zone will check your computer codes for FREE. This way you won't be guessing.

How much do coil packs cost for 1999 Lincoln with a 4.6 V8 engine?

About $40 for new About $5 At The Junkyard

Where is the coil pack located on a 1998 Lincoln town car with a 4.6L?

I believe there are 8 coil sitting on top of each spark plug.

Where is the distributor cap on a Lincoln Mark VIII?

There is none it uses 2 coil packs (4 coils each) and has 1 coil per plug, the coils are marked

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