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No power to the ignition of a Pontiac transport van?

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September 13, 2011 12:23PM

ok i just had the same problem...been at it all week... ok i changed the drive gear in the starter and put it back in nothing ...took apart again and took off the silnoid noticed that the plastic horse shoe thing was busted causing the thing not to kick the starter drive not to work ..changed that ...put back in again ..still nothing... fustration sets in ..changed the starter relay ....nothing ...getting pissed by now.......traced all the wires in the front of the van stillnothing...... BUT.......i over looked a wire that was in fact broked in side the plastic casing....changed the wire to the firewall and """bang""" i have ignition man alive was i happy these might be a few things to check if ya got the same problem as i did

To make a long problem short change ur starter motor make sure its mounted back up other wise it wont ground./ if problem still exist which it should not, check ur starter neutral switch. located on top of transmission easy to get to.