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Perform a test on you "air intake temperature sensor" a.k.a. "air charge temperature sensor". When those things go bad they can really screw your mileage up. Get a Hayne's manual for this vehicle. It'll tell you how to perform tests on the sensors.

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Q: Not staying in the middle warm saying just above 14 and getting poor gas millage. could the coolant temperature sensor effect this promblem changed thermo and still the same is this normal?
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Ford explorer Coolant temperature gauge fluctuation?

I just changed the thermostat (the old one was stuck open) on my 96' Explorer. The temperature gauge will fluctuate now, getting pretty hot then dropping kinda cold. It will stabilize after you drive for a while. There is so much coolant that I think this is a way to get it all warmed up? I'm not sure, I used to have a Honda. I do know that the Exploder is running better, getting better mileage- so everything seems to be fine.

What do you check if your cooling fans are not coming on?

is the coolant temperature sensor giving a correct reading to the computer? Is the fan getting power?

Does the thermostat control the heat in your car?

No, the thermostat controls the temperature of the engine coolant. As long as the coolant temperature is below the thermostat set-point, the thermostat remains closed. Once the temperature arrives at the set-point, the thermostat starts to open, sending heated coolant through the radiator. The radiator then cools the heated engine coolant and the water pump forces the coolant back through the engine. The heater control valve allows more or less of the engine coolant through the heater core. Since the coolant should be very near the set-point temperature of the thermostat, you should be getting hot water through the heater core to warm the inside of the vehicle. The engine coolant is there to keep the engine from melting down or from breaking metal parts and burnng off the oil. It just happens that the heated coolant is useful to warm the inside of the vehicle.

Changed thermostat flushed radiator new water pump still getting hot and leaking radaitor is not getting hot could it still be thermostat?

I have a promblem with that too, my car would overheat very fast, it was a faulty NEW thermostat. It still runs hot, I think I need a new water pump

Your 1996 Nissan maxima is overheating occasionally what should you do?

Overheating is due to, well, the coolant in the cooling system getting too hot. In a normally operating engine, this should never be a problem. First, check that the coolant level is correct. If it is correct, I would suspect a problem with the thermostat. When the engine is cold, the thermostat closes off coolant flow through the engine until the coolant reaches a pre-determined temperature. When that temperature is reached, the thermostat opens to allow the coolant to circulate at that exact temperature. Thermostats are known for failing and either not opening or not opening enough at that pre-determined temperature. This causes coolant to get trapped too long in the engine coolant chambers, heating it beyond limits, causing the engine temperature to increase and possibly overheat. If my Maxima was overheating, I would check the coolant levels and then possibly replace the thermostat. It usually is no more complicated than that.

Why is water condensation coming out your 1999 Chevy cavalier exhaust?

If this happens only when engine is cold it is a normal condition If this hasppens when engine is at normal operating temperature it may be a sign of head gasket leakage Check to see if oil is getting into coolant or coolant getting mixed with engine oil

What tells an abnormal amount of water is being emitted for the exhaust of a car?

If you are loosing coolant from the radiator and you have an abnormal amount of white smoke from tailpipe after vehicle is at normal operating temperature. This may be an indication of a bad head gasket. Or if you notice coolant getting mixed with the engine oil or engine oil getting mixed with the coolant. Also a sign of a bad head gasket.

What would cause 1994 cadillac deville engine overheating I changed the thermostat coolant temp sensor radiator and water pump. when i removed number 4 cyl plug it was orange?

Are you loosing coolant? Is coolant getting mixed with oil or vice versa? Run engine to normal opeating temperature Remove dipstick and let a drop fall onto a hot engine part Oil will smoke coolant will sizzle Do a compression test 2 adjacient cylinders with low readings indicate a leaking head gasket

What is Code 128 for Volvo S40?

I'm not sure what you're asking, but if you mean that you are getting an OBD-II diagnostic code of P0128 from your Volvo S40, that code corresponds to a problem with coolant temperature. On a first generation Volvo s40 (99-04), this usually means that the thermostat or electronic coolant temperature sensor are malfuctioning or have failed.

Why would your Ford F-150 1986 be getting too hot?

Have you checked the thermostat? How many miles on motor? Ever changed coolant? Possible water pump issue?

How do you know if the exhaust is getting in the coolant When you have the radiator cap off before the car warms up there are lots of bubbles?

If your exhaust is getting in your coolant, you have a reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy major malfunction.

Why would the hot water not be as hot as usual in your home?

Your husband/wife might have changed the temperature. You water heater might be getting too old.

What to do when coolant light comes on?

If your asking this question its probably a good idea that you bring it into the shop to have the levels checked. DO NOT try to check your own coolant when the engine is still hot, this will send coolant bursting into the air. This is if you have any lol. Check your cars temperature gauge while your drive, if its starts getting warmer than normal then you need a cooland change.

Whats wrong if a 1992 Lexus es300 engine coolant bubbling?

headgasket leak and exhaust gas is getting into the coolant

What is a thermostat use for?

A thermostat is a temperature sensitive "door". If your car did not have one, the coolant would be circulating all the time and the engine would take a long time to warm up to optimum operation temperature. The Thermostat stays closed until the engine gets warm and then opens when it starts getting hot to allow the coolant to flow through the radiator and cool down.

What does it mean when the temperature gauge rises while the car is accelerating?

You engine is generating more heat than can be removed by the cooling system. You should pull over, shut your engine and carefully (it will be very hot) remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level in your car. If you know where it is, you can check the coolant reservoir. If you are missing coolant, add enough to bring it to the correct level and monitor it for leaks. Otherwise you may have a problem with the cooling pump.

Why is your antifreeze tank boiling?

The overflow tank for coolant will "boil" if there is air getting in the coolant chamber. This can be a head gasket going bad.

Have changed thermostat coolant front heat sensor and it is still getting hot what else could it be?

Are both lines hot that go into and out of heater core? Plugged heater core will result in no heat, or other restriction.

What does low coolant mean?

In a Chevy Lumina, low coolant means that the car needs more anti-freeze/coolant added. This is needed to keep the engine from getting too hot

1999 Dodge Durango that is getting water in the coolant What can be the cause of this?

There is always water in the coolant. Anti-Freeze is typically mixed at a 50-50 rate with water to create a coolant solution.

Why is Water is coming into the car and overheating?

If you mean engine coolant is getting into the car, the heater core is leaking coolant causing the coolant level to drop and that causes the engine to over heat.

How has the climate changed in the past 100 years?

It has changed by getting warmer.

What does it mean if first you had no heat and now you notice no antifreeze in your overflow tank?

Coolant leak? Check to see if coolant is getting mixed with engine oil Run engine to normal operating temperature and remove oil dipstick, let a drop fall on hot part of engine - oil will smoke coolant will sizzle. If coolant is mixed with oil could be a bad head gasket. If coolant mixes with oil you won't need any special tests to see it. When they mix it will look like a vanilla milk shake. The newer coolant return systems are designed to keep the coolant level inside your radiator and engine full. When you car cools down (after running at normal temperature) it is designed to pull coolant out of the return reservoir back into the radiator. If the system gets too much pressure (usually from getting too hot) it will push coolant into the reservoir and then pull it back in as it cools. If the system has a leak then it will always pull back in more than it pushed out and the reservoir will have all coolant removed. Then the system will begin to draw in air causing the engine to eventually overheat from lack of cooling. Your heater works from the hot coolant passing through a small "radiator" under your dash. If the coolant is low then little or not hot coolant will pass through it.

Coolant not getting hot enough for thermostat to open?

Usually this is not the case. It looks like a bad thermostat, because no way the coolant is not getting hot, but a rusted up thermostat would not open for the coolant to circulate. If I were you I will change the thermostat first than check the water pump.

Why is coolant getting into my exhaust?

Sounds like bad head gasket.