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the key to positive results from physical activity is to?

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Q: Old concept of physical fitness test?
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What is the historical background of physical fitness?

The history of physical fitness is as old as time itself. Men and women have always done physical exercise to build strength and escape from dangerous situations and predators. Within the past century, physical fitness awareness has dramatically increased with the implementation of fitness programs in schools and the appearance of gym chains.

What is the index of physical fitness?

whenever a 55 yr. old can outwork a 20 yr. old

Is Tom Daley fat?

No, Tom is at peak physical fitness for an 18-year-old.

Is the National Physical Fitness Award given to 13 year old boys who run the mile in 8 minutes and 06 seconds and girls who run the mile in 10 minutes and 23 seconds?

That is only one componet of the Presidential Fitness Test. There are 5 components. A child must pass all components in the top 85% range to get a Presidential Fitness Award. If they pass all components in the 65% range or better they get a National Award.

You are 30 and wanted to join the us air force is that too old?

Before you are able to join the air force, you undergo a test of fitness. I think it would depend on the results of you test.

What fitness method should be used to evaluate a 55 year old client?

General appearance, weight and blood pressure will give lot of information. You can test him on tread mill test.

How soon and how long does one need physical therapy following a broken humerus on 87 year old woman?

That depends on the attitude and fitness of the lady.

What is 1 kilometer run?

The 1 km run test is one of the fitness tests used in the International Physical Fitness Test battery. The distance used is actually less than 1 km for girls and young boys.purpose: This test measures aerobic fitness in the young or those of low fitness required: oval or running track, stopwatch.distance run: 1 km for boys 14-19 years old, 800 meters for girls 14-19 years old, and 600 meters for boys and girls 13 years old and under.procedure: The aim of this test is to complete the required distance in the fastest possible time. On the signal, "ready," all participants line up behind the starting line. On the command 'Go!' the clock will start, and they will begin running at their own pace. Cheering or calling out the elapsed time is also permitted to encourage the participants. Walking is permitted but not encouraged.See related link Sports Training for reference

What is a good 2 mile run time for a twenty-four yr old female?

The average is 10 minutes a mile for runners. Though if sports are involved a fast run time maybe required.

Is it bad for a 8 year old to use dumbbell?

Not necessarily, but physical fitness and exercise and diet need to be approached differently for children, adolescents, and adults. Consult with a pediatrician or physical education specialist on specific guidelines.

What is the 1 mile time for a ten year old?

a normal 10 year old should be able to run a mile in 10 minutes(so are the rules in the fitness test for 5th graders only)

Is it possible for a thirteen year old to be in love?

No. Someone that is 13 years old doesn't know the real concept of love. They think they are in love simply because they have fun with someone. they confuse attention from the guy and physical feelings confused with the real concept of love.