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"Neither. Most likely for knock sensor. check other side in same location. There will most likely be a round sensor threaded into the block. no oil or coolant present.

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Q: On 57 engine block in front of the oil filter there is a port for a sensor which system oil or coolant?
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Where is the temperature sensor on a 306?

The temperature sensor for the coolant system is located on the front of the engine. The exact location of the coolant temperature sensor is dependent upon the year of the engine.

How do you replace the coolant level sensor on a 1995 thunder bird?

PATH: Engine Cooling > Coolant Temperature Sensor > Removal & Installation Removal & Installation Drain the engine cooling system slightly. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Detach the wiring connection from the sensor. Remove the coolant temperature sensor from the intake manifold. Clean the sensor area of any debris. To install: Install a new sensor into the intake manifold. Tighten the 6-14 ft. lbs. (8-19 Nm). Attach the sensor wiring to the unit. Connect the negative battery cable. Fill the engine cooling system with a 50/50 coolant water mixture. Start the engine and top off the cooling system.

Why are there two coolant sensors on your 1998 ford escort se?

One sensor would be for your engine temperature gauge and the other sensor for the OBD II engine management system

What is the function of the Coolant Temperature Sensor in a vw golf?

The coolant temperature sensor checks the coolant to let you know if overheating occurs. It also can send signals to the computer system to adjust the engine settings such as air/fuel mixture as needed to be more efficient based on engine temperature.

Where is coolant temp sensor for 1994 ford ranger with 4 liter engine?

Follow the top radiator hose to where it connects to the engine . Looking from the front of the vehicle I believe the sensor on the left is for the engine temperature gauge and the sensor on the right is for the EEC-IV system

How do you get rid of an air pocket in an engine coolant system?

By bleeding the coolant system.

Why does the low coolant light flash on 2002 Pontiac Montana?

The coolant level sensor in the coolant reservoir detects the coolant level is low. The coolant system must have a leak in it somewhere. Have a trusted mechanic diagnose it soon before you do damage to the engine.

What is the code 118 refer to in the OBD II diagnostic system for a 97 Dodge Ram 1500 with a 5.9 engine?

Replace the engine coolant temp sensor

What is the code P0118 refer to in the OBD2 diagnostic system for a 97 dodge neon?

this code is for the engine coolant temp. sensor. replace it.

Why does an engine light come on?

Check Engine ... self explanatory ... check the engine. Check fluids, air filter, water in the coolant system, oxygen sensor, bad spark plugs, electrical problems, loose nut behind the steering wheel - could be any number of things ... check everything in the engine area.

What is an inline coolant filter on an air conditioning system?

It strains any impurities from the coolant.

Where is the coolant system thermostat on a ford zetec 1.4 engine?

where is the coolant system thermostat on a ford focus 1.4 zetec engine

Why would the low coolant light come onon a 2000 Sable?

In the engine compartment, on the left side of the engine is the coolant reservoir. In the coolant reservoir, there is a sensor at the bottom of the reservoir. This sensor is supposed to let you know when you are low on coolant, but can also become defective, and give you a "false-positive" reading. The only way to know this is to check your coolant when the low coolant light comes on. If there is a significant decrease in coolant, you may have a problem in the cooling system , but if you don't, chances are the sensor isn't working. If the sensor is the problem, you can unplug it from the coolant reservoir, by unscrewing the two screws holding the reservoir to the car's inside firewall, then tilting the back of the coolant reservoir forward until you see wiring coming from the bottom of the reservoir, which is the plug for the low coolant sensor. Unplug the sensor, and the low coolant light won't come on anymore. However, you will now have to make sure you check your coolant level in the reservoir on a regular basis.

What does code p1129 on a 2006 dodge durango mean?

Closed loop fueling not achieved bank 2 Possible causes - Fuel delivery system - Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor or wiring connectors - MAP sensor or wiring connectors - O2 sensor wiring or connectors - Engine mechanical system

Why won't my Engine fan turn off after shut the car off Honda pilot 2006?

This could be an indication that the engine coolant level is low. Check the fluid level when the engine is cool or take it in to get serviced. Low coolant allows air into the system and the sensor will read that the engine is hot.

Does a cylinder head temperature sensor in a ford focus control the fan or does the coolant temperature sensor control it?

A coolant system temperature sensor controls it. : CHILTON calls it the cylinder head temperature sensor. Some after market manufacturers call it the coolant temperature sensor. These are equivalent.

Where is the IAT sensor on a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier?

The intake air temperature sensor is located in the air intake system. The system uses a plastic housing which flows throughout the engine bay. The sensor will be mounted near the air filter box.

Is your engine coolant supposed to move once the engine is on?

The coolant should circulate through the entire water system.

Why does the Check coolant light come on my 1997 ford escort?

Your reservoir may be low. This will trigger the coolant light. It is often a malfunctioning sensor and nothing is actually wrong with the cooling system or coolant. It can be easily replaced. Alternatively you can leave it, but monitor your engine temperature and coolant level.

What type of coolant does a kx85 need?

A KX85 just needs regular green premixed engine coolant. To replace the coolant in the engine system, simply drain the current coolant and refill. There is no need to flush the system before replacing.

Where is the coolant and oxygen sensor on a 2000 Monte Carlo SS located and how do you change it?

the coolant sensor is in the radiator on the passanger side the oxygen sensor is in the exhaust system on the manifold and the pipes and sometimes both

Check engine light is on code 1299?

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P1299 indicates an engine overheat condition was detected by the cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor. An FMEM Strategy called Failsafe Cooling was activated to cool the engine. (Refer to Section 1A, «Electronic Engine Control (EC) System», for more information on Failsafe Cooling Strategy and the cylinder head temperature sensor.) Possible causes: -- Engine cooling system concerns. -- Base engine concerns. -- Low engine coolant level or loss of coolant.

Location of 1991 camaro CTS coolant temperature sensor please?

Tech research answer I don't undertand location of: Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) - Determines the temperature of engine coolant via direct insertion with a thermistor, usually threaded into a coolant passage in the intake manifold. This data is then used to determine the point at which the engine is warmed and a leaner mixture may be used by the fuel/air system in an open loop fashion prior to oxygen sensor warm-up. Coolant temperature is also used during engine cranking to set the starting AF ratio to a value between 2:1 and 12:1

Where does the coolant come out of the engine?

The normal direction of circulation in the coolant system would push the coolant out the thermostat opening.

What does it mean when black smoke comes out of driver side exhaust pipe on 1994 caprice?

Is your check engine light on ? If it is then have the engine scanned with an engine scanner. Black smoke means engine/fuel system is to rich./to much fuel. Could be the MAP sensor,Fuel pressure regulator, coolant sensor. You need to scan the engine.