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The German surface fleet was no longer a significant force by then. Most of their heavy ships had been sunk and the remainder were confined to ports on Germany's North Sea coast. Allied air supremacy and sea power made it impossible for Germay's few remining ships to sally forth. Allied air power also denied Germany use of the French ports. Thus, even if their ships had wanted to leave port, they were much too far away to do anything about it.

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When was the formal surrender of Germany?

Basically Germany didnt surrender to the allied forces. On the 7th may 1945 the German forces unconditionally surrendered to the allied forces. De jure there was/is no peace treaty.

Why didnt Nazis want Jews to tell stories to allied forces?

they knew that what they had done to the Jews was not morally acceptable.

Who did Harold go to fight in Normandy with William of Normandy?

he didnt go to Normandy William came to England and Harold was on his way back from fighting the Vikings at Stamford bridge and then William beat Harold at hastings

Why didnt the American soldiers step in when the holocaust was going on?

The Americans, as a valuable member of the Allied forces, had to first cross the English Channel on D-Day, and fight their way across Europe to the very heart of Germany. If they could have done, the Allies would have gladly stepped in sooner, but the German forces were in the way.

What did the allies know about the nazi treatment?

I will assume you are referring to the treatment of POWs. ?About 80 percent of the German land forces was made up of Army soldiers (Heer) and generally the Geneva convention was enforced by the Heer, especially against the western allies. The Heer had large amounts of German military personnel that were in POW camps and wanted their soldiers treated decently, also. So generally Western Allied soldiers caught could expect to be treated descently. The SS Combat Forces, separate branch from the concentration camp SS, drew their combat experience from the eastern front, where surrendering to the Russians, just wasnt a option. As a result, Allies didnt take alot of SS prisoners and vice versa, but the SS Combat forces were a small part of the Wehrmacht (German Military Forces). From what I have read the average allied soldier didn't know much of the concetration camps until he came across them during the advance thru Europe. I suspect that the Allied Senior Commanders knew of the camps, but could do little until they owned the captured the camps.

How did William duke of Normandy win the battle of Stamford Bridge?

he didnt Harold godwinson did. x hope this helps :)

How did churchill describe operation overlord?

Churchill didnt - operation overlord was a plan drafted by allied high command

Why didn't hitlers soldiers rebel against him?

Hitler used a powerful weapon called propaganda on not only the German soldiers but all of Germany. Hitler promised Germany that they would rule the world for thousands of years to come if they could defeat the allied campaign in the western and eastern fronts. So when the tied of the war turned in both fronts, the Normandy Landing in the West and the recaptureing of Stalingrad in the East many German generals figured out they couldn't win the war. There were many assassination attempts on Hitler by German officers and other high profile men. One of which nearly took the life of Hitler. So the name of your question should be why didnt ALL of hitlers soldiers rebel against him because some German soldiers did.

How did russia do in World War I?

It allied with a couple of countries and helped mostly everybody im sorry if i didnt right much

Why did Hitler blow people up?

He didnt he did kill people because they were enimies of nazi germany and/or didnt fit into the German aryan race ideal

Who where the German representatives at the treaty of Versallies?

they didnt have a say in it just the ferench Italians and English

Is German the best subject in school?

Pfft lol no!! I didnt have an option nd i have to take it!! It's boring :/

Why were German people starving at the beginning of world war?

They didnt have the access to food which led to food shortages

What year did the German came to Canada?

They didnt come to Canada because obviously they still live in Germany!

What was the last thing that Hitler did before he died?

Murdered Eva Braun didnt he shoot his German Shepard dog

How do say young girl in German?

junge Mädchen and why didnt u use google translate u stupido

What forces act on a car when it is accelerating?

friction thats what wow if you didnt know that that's just straight up sad

Who won the battle of hasting?

William Of Normandy because he was more prepared then king harold, and king harold didnt have that much people because he tired out all of his men at the battle at stamford bridge !

Why did The U.S. not help the Jews in the Holocaust until 1944?

The German front lines needed to be pushed back before the people could be helped. A good question is why didnt more of the German public get involved and try to help hide those that Hitler and his Nazi forces were putting into those camps. Some did do what they could but there were not enough of them to truly make an impact on the number of camp deaths.

Why did German moderates support Adolf Hitler?

cause he would kill the if they didnt hitler ran gremany..what he said went

How do German Shepherds act?

German shepherds act really good nut only with the people who love and care for them! If someone came in there home and they didnt know them well then they will go crazy and wild

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