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On a 1991 Ford Tempo should there be a plug on the back of the block near the cylinder that contains the engine coolant for that cylinder?


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those are frost plugs used for machining out passages during manufacturing can also be used to install block heater

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Should be at the bottom of the radiator.

On a 2003 Ford Ranger : The 2.3 litre four cylinder engine has a thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir , that is the pressure cap / radiator cap ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the 3.0 and 4.0 litre V6 engines , I believe there is a radiator cap on the top of the radiator , but with the engine cool you should add engine coolant to the engine coolant reservoir - it has a cold fill mark

It should be at the bottom of the radiator plus there is at least in the engine block.

I'm not sure on that particular engine but it can be found in water jacket on cylinder head, it should have 2 wires and if you remove it there should be coolant behind it.

The coolant should circulate through the entire water system.

Most vehicles have a coolant reservoir (a clear plastic tub) with a phrase "engine coolant only" printed on the cap. This is where you should add engine coolant.

Look for the radiator drain it should be on the side of the radiator facing the engine next to the fan.

Yes , on my 1995 Ford Explorer XLT there is a cold fill mark . When the engine is cold the coolant level should be up to the mark

The transmission fluid could be leaking into the engine coolant through the transmission cooler in the radiator. You should be able to see the transmission fluid in the engine coolant recovery tank. It will look like a oily film on top of the coolant. White smoke (steam) out of the exhaust indicates engine coolant is leaking into a cylinder.This can be a result of a blown cylinder head gasket or a cracked cylinder head. Have the engine coolant system pressure tested to detect the leak.

Look on the side of the coolant overflow bottle. There should be a low mark for the coolant for a cool engine, and one for a hot engine.

it should be in one of the coolant lines leading up to the radiator.

Yes. There should always be some coolant in the overflow tank. Its level should rise when the engine warms up, and it should go back down when the engine cools.

you prob need to have your coolant checked out because when you work your engine the coolant is what keeps it at a good level so you should have the mixture of coolant to water checked out it should be 50/50

your coolant tank should be on the pass. side inner fender

yes, should never add coolant to cold engine

If there is coolant on an engine, it is likely a seal or a hose is leaking or broken. It should be repaired immediately or the engine may seize up and quick working.

Yes , mine has a cold and hot mark , the coolant should be up to the cold mark when the engine is cold

That is the temperature sending unit for the engine coolant and it should be in the drivers side head between the first 2 spark plugs.

For the 1999 Ford expedition it is recommended that you use the Ford Premium engine coolant which is green in color. You should not use the Ford extended life engine coolant which is orange in color.

Fill your coolant reservoir and the light should turn off. Do it soon or your engine may over heat.

The coolant for a BMW x5 is placed into the coolant overflow tank on the left side of the engine compartment. It should be filled to the full mark when the engine is at operating temperature.

The coolant level is set by the level in the coolant reservoir. There is a line for the level if the engine is cold and a line for if the engine is up to temperature. You should fill it to the corresponding line.

The coolant level is checked at the coolant tank in the passenger front corner of the engine compartment . The coolant level should be up to the cold mark when the engine is cold . The radiator should be full so its covering the top plate .

Bad sensor? Should be located at the bottom of the coolant recovery tank

In the coolant reservoir when the engine is cool.

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