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On a 1992 Mazda 626 how do you turn off the dashboard light shaped like a car engine?


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2006-10-05 00:09:58
2006-10-05 00:09:58

You're talking about the "check engine" light. The car's computer turns the light on for one of two reasons: 1) a sensor has detected a condition that is preventing the car from operating within specifications, or 2) a sensor is faulty. In either case, you should have the car checked by a knowledgeable professional to determine why the light is on. They'll do this by connecting a code reader to your car's computer and determining what code(s) have been set.


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The AT dashboard light on the Mazda 6 means there is a problem with the transmission.

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That is the check engine light.That is the check engine light.

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engine valve emmission is something to do with a engine control light in the dashboard whenever it is light on.

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You can drive your car with the yellow 'service engine' light on the dashboard, but it is not recommended. This light warns you of the need to have the engine serviced.

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The check engine light on a Mazda Tribute gives warning of potential problems. It can signal overheating, low oil, or engine misfires.

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