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There is a switch on both drivers side door and passenger door, it is going to be by the door latch you will have to remove the door cover so you can get to it. easy fix would be to spray down with wd-40 or you can by the part for about 15.00 dlls.

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Why won't interior lights turn off on 1997 Ford Expedition?

spray WD40 in the door latch mechanism, it will sometimes get stuck and the lubricant will free it up to engage when the door is closed.

How do you engage the 4-wheel drive on a 1999 Ford ExplorerV8XLT?

First you put the vehicle on Neutral then swithc to 4LO it will engage. If a wheel doesn't engage, then you have a vaccum line problem. See owners manual.

What is the purpose of the dd form 626?

To ensure a vehicle is safe to engage in the transporting of hazardous materials.

98 expedition 4x4 light wont come on or engage?

the four wheel drive is opperated by vacuum that's probably where your problem is

What happens when you engage a reverse gear while in forward motion?

Bang depending on the vehicle, you will ruin the transmission.

How to Engage 4 wheel drive on 1998 Expedition?

There should be a dial next to the temperature controls that say... 2wd/awd/4l/4h

Can you still put your 2003 expedition in gear if the battery is dead?

I don't think so... I think the transmission need electric power to engage.

99 ranger XLt sometimes 4x4 will engage sometimes it wont?

check the vacuum diaphragm for leaks. Might be a hole in the vacuum line.

How do you engage your 4x4 in your automatic 91 pathfinder?

By grasping the transfer case lever and pulling it towards the rear of the vehicle at any speed below 45 mph. To engage low range: Stop, put vehicle in neutral or park, pull lever back to 4wd High position, push down on lever and pull all the way to back, pull up on lever to engage position.

How do you engage into four wheel drive on a 1995 K2500 Chevrolet?

Shift it into either 4H or 4L, and sometimes, after going into 4X4, you need to put the car in reverse for a few feet to engage it.

What causes the 4x4 on a 2000 Nissan frontier to not fully engage or disengage?

If they are vacuum operated then it could be the hubs.

How can you tell if your starter is going on your car?

Sometimes it will just make a clicking noise when you turn your key but the starter will not engage. Sometimes it will just make a grinding noise and not engage. Sometimes it will crank your motor much more slowly than usual as if your battery was dying. This will continue to get gradually worse until nothing at all happens when you turn your key.

Ford 2003 f350 4wd won't engage?

Most four-wheel-drive vehicles are controlled by the transfer case. The transfer case has many years in it. A bad year in the transfer case will cause the vehicle not to engage.

What does a4wd knob on expedition do?

it stands for automatic 4 wheel drive, the What_does_a4wd_mean_on_a_gmc_envoydrive will engage when the vehicle senses tire slippage.Good to use when driving on somewhat snow covered roads where some driving might be on the pavement some on snow. Not good to use the 4wd when on pavement especially when turning.

Why won't a 1996 jimmy engage into gear since the engine was rebuilt and installed?

was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle? was the engine removed before the overhaul or was the overhaul carried out in the vehicle?

98 ford expedition Why will it engage in drive but not reverse?

Your Transmission may need service, rebuilt. Try any major local transmission place. For example, AAMCO, exc.

What is a symbolic relationship that fungi are sometimes apart of?

Fungi engage in symbiosis with plants, plant roots, and insects, to name a few.

When do you use clutch?

1)to engage or disengage contact between engine and gearbox. 2)to stop vehicle in trafic,signal without trouble.

Can a faulty abs sensor cause the transmission to not engage on a 1999 dodge ram 2500 van?

ABS has nothing to do with the transmission engaging on this vehicle.

What do you do when your washing machine is done a load of laundry but still full of water?

The pump may be bad or weak. You can check the small lid switch under the lid. When you close the lid...it will engage. These will sometimes get out of sinc with the lid and not engage.

Transmission on your dodge ram is slow to engage when it is cold?

There is a service bulletin out on this problem (NUMBER: 21-015-05, GROUP: Transmission, DATE: September 01, 2005). It seems that fluid will drain from the torque converter after the vehicle sets awhile causing the slow to engage problem. According to Dodge, while it causes customer concern, it is not detrimental to the transmission. There is a new version of a transmission cooler filter which when installed mitigates the problem.

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