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id check, but i thought there was a recall on that problem. id call the dealer and give them the last 8 of the vin number and see.

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How do you unlock the radio in a 2003 trailblazer?

how unlock radio on trailblazer 2003

How do you unlock car seatbelt?

Push the button.

How do you unlock seatbelt that is locked in place?

you press the unlock button. it is generally orange and says 'press' located on the part you click the seatbelt into. If the belt won't pull out, you will need to replace it.

How do you unlock passcode on Xbox 360 when you forgot it?

how do i unlock password to the 360 console

What is the Unlock code for toshiba games console?

you have to purchase a game in order to have an unlock code.

How do you open locked center console SLK 230?

When you lock the car with the key fob the center console and fuel flap lock aswell. When you unlock the car with the key fob the center console and fuel flap unlock.

What is the unlock code for jewel quest on wild tangent?

An unlock code for a game on the Wild Tangent Game Console can obly be used once. Buy the game form the website or the game console, and you'll get an unlock code, then input said unlock code to permanently unlock the game.

How do you unlock cheat code console on Lego ace assault?

ccesdfwsgwsgfwfwrfwefwedsfsdfsedfeafeafqadqefdesfdsg wrfqghjkijhygtrfdes

Can you use console commands on PC for fallout new Vegas?

Keep in mind that using console commands disables the ability to unlock achievements via Steam. This can be avoided by entering the console commands you that you want, saving and then exiting the game completely . Once you reload your save you are good to go and can unlock achievements.

How do you unlock rated rko?

it would help if you gave more specifics like what are you trying to unlock the rated rko on??? what game what console etc.

How do you build a shower in sims castaway 2?

In the PC version you have to unlock the water tower in story mode. In the console version you have to unlock it in your plans.

What should you do if you're locked out of your Xbox live account?

unlock the password under the console

How do you reset security system to start a 02 Chevy trailblazer?

Lock the truck with remote then unlock truck manually with key

The liftgate on your 2003 Trailblazer will not unlock when you try using either the remote or the unlock button neither will the rear glass unlock None of the fuses are blown What could be your proble?

Visit our enthusiast forum at There are a couple of modules that may have failed ...... see you there!

Cheat to unlock all costumes in Spider-Man?

what spider-man game and what console?

In Team Fortress 2 is there a way that you can unlock or find weapons or metal through the console?

not really, no.

How do you unlock Kane alternate attire?

It depends what platform your on, if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, You can download it,if you have any other console, you can't dowload or unlock it. Hope this helps!

How do you unlock the middle square in dragon ball z super sonic warriors 2?

That middle square is just for show. Its not an option to unlock Ashwin Hendre

How do you unlock a seatbelt on a 2006 GMC Envoy?

You will need to allow the seat belt to retract completely, and if this does not work there is a problem with the actuater and you will need to take it in for service.

How do you unlock more biuldings in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life As King?

buy them with <console> money

How do you unlock the Stewart compound on mx vs ATV alive?

i got it buy pooing and peeing on the console

What is wrong if a 2003 Lexus was in an accident and now the seat belts do not work?

The only cure is to replace the seatbelt it is a safety issue, supposedly the seatbelt is not completely safe if it has locked up during an accident, however i did hear that sometimes if the electrical connector to the retractor is removed it will unlock.

How do you unlock a Nokia 5310?

you press the middle button at the top middle then the button on the bottom left

How do you unlock back wheels on a 1989 ford probe?

Take off the E-brake. It's in the center console.

Will hornswoggle be in svr 2009 for ps2 the console?

he is not he is only a manager u hav to unlock him i got the game on Sunday