On a 4 lanes road which lane is first lane?

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From dividing strip count 1st lane. if 2ways, close to soulder is 2nd lane
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When was the first bike lane used?

There was a bike lane installed in Charleston, SC in August 1896. Don't know if it was the first though.

Difference between road lane and line?

The difference between a road lane and a line is the direction oftravel on the roadway. In a road lane situation, there are usuallytwo lanes divided by a white dotted line, traveling in the samedirection. If there is a center line, (yellow solid or yellowdotted) the direction of travel is one lane e ( Full Answer )

You are driving on a road that has a cycle lane the lane is marked by a broken white line what does this mean?

Cycle lanes. These are shown by road markings and signs. You MUST NOT drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a solid white line during its times of operation. Do not drive or park in a cycle lane marked by a broken white line unless it is unavoidable. You MUST NOT park in any cycle lane whilst ( Full Answer )

Do you have to stop for a school bus on a 4 lane road?

In MOST states that I'm aware of, you don't have to IF it's a highway DIVIDED by a physical barrier (e.g.: median strip - crash barriers - etc). However, if it isn't divided, you are required to stop.

Where was the first bowling lane?

One Answer: The first indoor bowling lane was created in 1840 at Knickerbockers of New York City. The Lighter Side: Right beside the second.

What is the width of a two lane road?

Lanes are usually about 11-12 feet wide, so a road with two lanes (one lane going in each direction) would be between 22 and 24 feet wide. A road with two lanes in each direction would be between 44 and 48 feet wide.

What is the width of one road lane?

It depends on what type of road or parking area the lane is in. I remember working for an Architect who did a lot of bank work, which have drive-thru lanes. The width of the lane at the outdoor teller station was either 7' or 8' wide, depending upon the preference of the owner. It also depends o ( Full Answer )

What is a weave lane?

A weave lane is the part of the highway or freeway where both anentrance and exit exist. It is called this because cars will beweaving in and out of lanes to either enter or exit.

What is an acceleration lane?

A short lane at the end of an entrance ramp that allowsentering traffic to build up speed, before merging in to intomain travel lanes.

In basketball what is the Lane?

The lane is between the lines of the paint (the lines where the players line up rebound a foul shot) all the way down the court.

How wide is a lane in a lane mile?

A typical lane width is considered to be 12ft but does vary depending on the type of road and the location as some municipalities may vary. While the U.S. Department of Transportation maintains a breakdown of statistics for the lane widths of Interstate & arterial roads that deviate from the 12ft s ( Full Answer )

In Texas what lane should you drive in on a four lane road?

In general you should drive in the right lane and use the left lane only to pass when necessary. (On some stretches of I-20 and I-35 you'll see this posted.) If traffic is heavy, you should stay in the lane that's going the speed you want to drive; usually this is slower in the right lane and faster ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between lane and road and street?

1) Let's start with street . The word comes from the Latin 'strata' and it means a public way that is paved with slabs of stone ( strata/stratum ). (Latin strata via = paved way) So it would mean a public road in a city, town or village, probably with houses or other buildings on either sid ( Full Answer )

What is a turn-out lane?

On narrow roads, a turn out lane creates an area where slowertraffic can pull over to allow other vehicles to pass. They areused where the nature of the road precludes safely passing in theopposite lane. You should use the turnout lane when other trafficwants to pass you.

Which lane is the fast lane?

Generally the lane closest to the center divider. Lanes are numbered from the left most lane on the side of the road you are on. Such as number one lane, the left most lane , is generally considered the fast lane.

The lane in the middle of the road is used for?

It depends on how the lane is marked. In some areas it is used strictly to allow for making left turns. In other states it can be used for passing. Pay attention to the lane markings and check the specific traffic laws for your particular state.

What is HOV lane in US roads?

HOV stands for High Occupancy Vehicles. There is a lane set aside on major highways within cities or that lead into cities that is for vehicles that have two or more people in the vehicle. This is designed to coerce people to carpool by giving them a lane that they won't get tied up in traffic in du ( Full Answer )

Which is the fast lane on a 3 lane road?

There is no "fast" lane - all lanes are bound by the speed limit of that road. Basic rules of the road dictate that slow traffic keep to the right, and that the lefthand lanes be used for passing (this is in countries which drive on the right - in countries which drive on the left, it would be the o ( Full Answer )

What is a Deceleration lane?

The portion of the roadway adjoining the main traveled way consisting of tapers, widened areas

Does a road or a lane have to have a ditch on both sides?

Because most roads are designed with a "crown" - they're higher in the center than at the edges - it means that rainwater flows off the pavement in both directions, necessitating ditches on both sides.

How do you pass on a two lane road?

you wait until the center line goes from solid to dashed and then, when there is no traffic on the other side, pass. but dont just stay over there.

Who was the first Denver lanes blood?

Franklin Latimore,Skull,Ricardo Bell ,Sam Bell,Mike Berry,Sam Wright ,Big Bean,Little Bean ,Sammy,Ivory,Big Red ,Little Red ,Shorty Bros,Ronald Armstrong were some of the first in Los Angeles

When 2 cars meet at an intersection of a 2 lane road with a 4 lane road which one must yield the right away?

If it's a four way stop, it's treated like any other four-way stop. First vehicle to the intersection has right of way, if two or more vehicles stop simultaneously, the vehicle to the right gets right of way. In most intersections, this wouldn't be an issue - such an intersection would either have t ( Full Answer )

Where is woodway lane?

woodway lane is a long road just off the m6. it is near a larg crossroad.and also the hospital,which is called walsgrave hospital.

Who is Shawn Lane?

Shawn Lane was an American musician. He was an amazing guitarist, and was named by the American Guitar Institute as the "greatest guitarist who ever lived."