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On a Chevy Astro Van how do you remove the engine cover to change plugs?


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USUALLY they have a bolt on each side of the engine cover(dog house) it takes a large & long screw driver to reach the screws/bolts(some are 15MM") plus the 2 snap locks toward the back(bottom) of the cover-butt before that TAKE 2 10 MM nuts off under the back(storage) door-they are at 45? angle and some have 2 screws on each side of the cover on top of the dog house-dicconnect the LIGHTER connection first before you take the top cover off.

Second answer:

It is kind of hard to describe, but I will try. 1st- you take of your inner console, you might have a coffee cup holder and glove box on it. this is done by 2 screws at the top left and right side.

2nd- Then if you pull the carpet back at the bottom you will see 2 nuts, you will need a rachet with an extension to get these. Once you have these off pull the console back, unplug any wire harness that might be there. 2nd Now there maybe a heating duct that runs the heat to the floor in front of the engine cover, remove duct by pulling and wiggling it out of position.

3rd -the engine cover is held on by 2 bolts at the top where it attaches to the fire wall, you will need at least 10inches worth of extensions to reach these bolts. These bolts are captive so they stay in place when loosed off.

4th- there are 2 clamps that hold the engine cover at the bottom, between the two front seats, that are held in place by 2 nuts, remove these clamps and engine cover is free. Make sure both seats are slid back as far as they go, then slide the engine cover back and swing it to the drivers side tilt back and the engine covers come out.

AnswerYou don't have to take off the engine cover (My van is a 1996 Astro) to change the spark plugs. Just jack the van up, remove the front tires. Then remove the protective plastic covers from inside the wheel well to expose the sides of the engine. You will need a ratchet with a long extension, a universal knuckle to go the end of your ratchet extension and of course the spark plug socket with the rubber insert (if it is a spark plug socket by design it will automatically have the rubber insert anyway). You can use a regular deep socket if you want but you run the risk of cracking the porcelain insulator on your new plugs when you install them. . AnswerAll of the other answers are good, but I would like to add: Some of the early Astros have the two recessed bolts that are described in the other answers "turned around", as in they are not accessible from the passenger compartment, but rather from under the hood. They are in the same position, just pointing the other way. As far as changing plugs without removing the dog house, you method is good, but I always change the cap, rotor, and wires when I do plugs. I also use premium parts, like from NAPA, and typically see 100k to 150k from them. I usually only change them once in a given vehicle.


Just removed the cover on my 2001 to fix the common vacuum line failure that causes the AC and vent to come only out the defroster vent.

1. Remove the two allen-head screws on the top left and top right side of the center console area. These are hidden behind decorative "buttons".

2. Remove two nuts (mounted horizontally), at the bottom left and bottom right side of the glovebox, right at the floor, just above the carpet. Socket (10mm) with medium extension.

3. You can now pull out the center console. There are four latching points up towards the top of the console, just below the radio. I didn't find anything to be very fragile.

4. Once the console is pulled loose, disconnet the electrical connector and remove the console.

5. Now you're looking at the engine cover. Two 15mm bolts attach the top to the firewall. Use a socket with a long extension. Bolts are captive and won't fall out.

6. Remove the two vertically mounted bolts (and black brackets labelled LH and RH) on the bottom front of the cover that attach it to the floor.

7. Mine has one wire that had to be disconnected from the cover. Cover's now free, pull it back and wrestle it out of the way.

There's your motor! Ironically, I figured i'd change the plugs as long as i had it off, but it sure didn't seem much easier to get to the plugs with the cover off.

Troutrvr32208: The shop that wanted to charge you $440.00 to change the plugs wires and cap should be charged with price gouging and borderline fraud. It would take an experienced mechanic two hours (max) to pull the dog house, remove front tires and replace the cap, wires and plugs, put the dog house back... and less than $50 in parts to do the job in an Astro van. I wouldn't pay more than $150.00.

You don't change the spark plugs by going through the engine housing but through the wheel well.

You need to remove but frontal wheels and lift up the mud flaps to see the exposed spark plug wiring.

Kudos to the individual who posted on how to take the cover off the Astro and to the next person who helped me avoid the spark plug removal.

I needed to remove the cover to fix the notorious a/c vacuum hose.

Both of you save me a considerable amount of time and money. it is because of folks like you that internet self-help is so successful.

dog house removal instructions are in your owner's manual


You folks have been a big help..went to "Pep Boys" purchased hose and fitting and it worked of 8 running great!!!!!!!!!!!



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