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most likely it is the engine temp. sensor that tells the fan the motor is hot if it is going bad then it can make the fan run non stop

I have the same problem in mazda6 2004 2.3l engine. If you have $100 you go to the dealer and get the update for compute unit, it is a bug in it. If you do not have money turn of the heater fan than engine is cold, as soon as engine warms up the fan will turn off.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-07 04:14:15
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Q: On a Mazda 6 the engine cooling fan now runs all the time what is wrong?
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When you turn your ac on the engine runs hot even with the cooling fan running?

Yes, because your engine is on.

What other cars or Mazda model types will an engine from a 1982 Mazda B2200 be compatible?

I think that, only former ford ranger (earlier 80s) could be compatible with that engine. unfortunetly, the old mazdas fall in parts even if the engine still runs good.

My House AC runs for hours what could be wrong?

If it is very hot outside (you don`t say) and it is cooling (you don`t say), nothing is wrong and it is properly sized.

2000 Chevy truck 5.3 engine runs hot when ac is turned on?

Maybe your cooling system needs to be flushed out.

Is a Ford Probe 2.5 interchangable with a Mazda 2.5?

A ford probe 2.5 is a Mazda 2.5/.......Mazda produced the engines.....Subtle difference but ultimately the same crappy motor......Its poop actually the Mazda engine is a very strong engine due to the fact that the that the JDM KLZE engine has 200+hp and the stock engine in a probe gt only has 160hp i just put one in my car and it runs ten times better and more torque

Engine starts and runs for a few seconds and then stops this keeps happening and engine won't keep running What is wrong?

Fuel pump

What happens when firing order is wrong?

The engine , if it runs at all , will , of course , have misfires and may have a 'backfire' .

Why do a Car starting problem fo a Mazda 626 when turned over its air runs for a bit but no engine starting?

Sounds like fuel starvatoin.

What could be wrong with central air if temp runs higher than what it is set at?

Either needs a new filter, thermostat or , worst-case, cooling element.

Is the oil used in the engine on suzuki c90 also the cooling oil?

Yes, the C90 is an air cooled engine, the oil that runs through the little radiator is crankcase oil and is cooled in the system to help keep the engine temp down.

What could be wrong when a '99 Ford Escort ZX2 makes a clinking sound under the hood the AC stops cooling and the engine runs hot?

Try checking the EGR system, it uses exhaust gasses to cool the engine by reburning it with incoming air... if it's clogged, or malfunctioning, it can cause pinging (clinking?), detonation, and over heating.

What is a wet cylinder liner?

In a wet cylinder liner the coolant of the engine runs in a space between the liner and the engine block. This gives excellent cooling, but is quite tricky to make good seal, particularly at the crank end of the cylinder. In a dry liner the coolant runs in channels in the block, and the liner is only like a sleeve stuck in a metal hole. Poorer cooling, but an easier build.

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