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Have you tried checking the needle and seat in the carb. Sounds like it may be sticking closed. Best way to check this is to remove float bowl and move the float up and down by hand. if needle moves then it should be ok if not try pulling it out of main jet and blow air into it.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-07 23:47:18
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Q: On a kawasaki KZ750 twin the left bank not getting gas right bank is good the carbs are clean no blockage Compression 75 on both banks Can block carb air intake and feel suction but will not fire?
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Which is not a basic component of the compression refrigeration cycle?

suction filter

Does low suction pressure have an effect on reciprocating compressors?

At very low suction pressure, the suction valves of reciprocating compressor will not work and there will be no gas in the cylinder during compression stroke, resulting some damage to the suction valves. If low suction pressure trip protection is not provided there can be some abnormal damage.

What is compression ratio in air compressor?

The compression ratio is simply the ratio of the absolute stage discharge pressure to the absolute stage suction pressure.

What could be the cause of High suction pressure and low discharge pressure?

Sounds like a blockage in the system on the high pressure side.

How do you see if a swimming pool skimmer is blocked?

The easiest, and cheapest way is to turn the suction valves off to everything but the suspected skimmer, if your pump bowl stays full of water, it is fine, if it automatically looses suction, then you have either a break or a blockage. Put a plumbers helper in the suction side of your pump pot and blow whatever blockage you have towards the skimmer. A snake will not work here because your skimmer actually has vacuum (negative) pressure unlike a sewer line,which is not a pressurized line.

What is four stroke petrol engine?

the engine works on suction,compression,expansion and exhaust.this works done very quickly

With a centrifugal pump what will a blockage in the discharge or suction side do to the pump amps?

A blockage in the downstream side of the pump could make this pump work harder raising the amps as the pump now has to do more work to get through the line. An upstream blockage would make the pump spin more freely lowering the amps on the pump as it will not be doing any work.

What 4 events take place in a stroke cycle?

Suction stroke, compression stroke, power stroke & exhaust stroke

Why do the suction pressure increase of a reciprocating compressor?

Pressure increases due to load(or heat intake from evaps).if asking about off cycle. If asking about compression cycle,its the compression of vapor into a higher pressure side of system along with heat of compression adding to temp-pressure relationship.

In 4 stroke what is injected at suction?

A four stroke engine has four basic operations within the engine. It has Intake, compression, power and exhaust strokes. During the intake, or suction stroke, a mixture of fuel air is injected into the cylinder.

What is cavitation and priming?

1. PRIMING LOSS: This is the suction loss for a pump whose NPSH is (-ve)2. CAVITATION: It is also suction loss by forming cavity of a volatile liquid whose NPSH(a) is belowNPSH(r) eg..Choking or blockage of suction strainers, closing of suction valve of apump when running.3. VAPOUR LOCK: This is also loss of pumping due to blockage in discharge of a pump..closing of discharge valve and running for more time..running the pump with in adequate minimum flow..liquid above boiling pointHence Cavitation, Vapour Lock and Primimng loss are different

What will happen if suction temperature of centrifugal compressor increased?

There will be little change or effect if the suction temperature of centrifugal compression increases. This is because the gases included incur minimal changes. The required temperature for proper functionality is 43 degrees Celsius.

Types of suction items?

Types of suction items are suction cups, suction hooks, and suction hoses.

What is suction and discharge superheat?

Suction superheat is the heat added to the refrigerant above that required to change its state from liquid to vapour (as happens in the evaporator). This heat is added both in the evaporator, in the suction line and (where applicable) in the suction accumulator.Discharge superheat is suction superheat plus heat of compression, and must be removed in the condenser before condensation, the change of state from vapour to liquid, can occur.The HVAC Veteran

How do unclog a drain without using natural chemicals?

A plunger can be used. The plunger creates a push/pull action using suction/pressure within the pipe to promote movement of the blockage

What r the strokes of six stroke engine?

there will be two cylinders... one will perform 1)suction, 2) compression, 3)power, 4)exhaustion... inbetween the another cylinder will perform only the suction and compression strokes..., so 4 + 2 = 6 Note: the two cylinders will be placed opposite to eachother with same centre axis.

How does a windmill pump water?

As the reciprocating pump operates through the reciprocation of the follower, it guides the suction and the compression of the water in the pipe. That's so when the rotary motion of the rotor blade is converted into the reciprocating motion, which delivers it to the reciprocating pump, the suction and discharge takes place.

Why air condition compressor is overheating?

IT COULD THAT YOUR SYSTEM IS EITHER OVERCHARGED OR UNDER CHARGED. ALSO CHECK YOUR FURNACE FILTER.AND MAKE SURE YOUR OUTDOOR UNIT is clear of dirt and obstructions. --------------------------------------------------------------- There are several reasons for a compressor to overheating High compression ratios are the result of either lower than normal suction pressures or higher than normal discharge pressures. Changes in suction pressure will affect the compression ratio more rapidly than changes in the discharge pressure. For this reason, it is important to keep the suction pressure at its highest possible value. Causes of low suction pressure can include incorrect sizing of components, misadjusted or defective metering devices (TXVs), loss of refrigerant charge, plugged driers or strainers, and excessive suction line pressure drop. Although not as sensitive to change as the suction pressure, the discharge pressure can still greatly affect the compression ratio. Keeping the discharge pressure within normal operating conditions is still important. Causes of high discharge pressure can include dirty condensing coils, undersized discharge line, a blockage or recirculation of condenser air, erratic condenser fan operation, refrigerant overcharge, noncondensibles in the system, and an undersized condenser.

What is the cause of the kreepy krauly dont want to work in the swimming pool when dial is on filter?

Could be that it has a blockage in the throat of it, there isn't enough suction coming through it. Or the hose may have a hole and it is sucking air.

How many revolution in a 4 stroke engine?

2 full crank shaft revolution for every 4stroke. suction,compression,power&exhaust strokes are established .

How does a windmill pump water from the ground?

As the reciprocating pump operates though the reciprocation of the follower,it guides the suction and the compression of water in the pipe.That's so when the rotary motion of the rotor blade is converted into the reciprocating motion, which deliver it to the reciprocating pump, the suction and discharge takes place.

How do you swallow when getting braces?

you dont need to swallow, the dentists assistant will get the suction pipe and drain the fluid.

Why is the suction pipe of vapour compression refrigeration system insulated?

To minimize sweating of the air around the pipe. When the air comes in contact with a cool surface, its water vapor condenses!

How do you check if there is a compression problem on a 6.5 hp Briggs and stratton What are the symptoms of bad compression?

remove plug, use a compresion gauge or put your finger over plug hole, crank engine, if your finger feels like it was being sucked in and then blowen out , its fine, bad compression will give you very little suction, or blow out, could be valves are leaking also,

What is suction machine?

The opposite of a compressor. A vacumn cleaner is a suction device. Were you ever on a baby bottle. You used suction to get the formular out of there. A suction machine sucks!