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a 2 hp pump has a stronger motor it does not necessarily run a bigger pump. It sounds like in your case the pump in the old motor was just as good as the pump on the new motor. There are other considerations to keep in mind such as was the old pump a high head pump and how did the new pump compare with it in that way. A high head pump will give you more pressure. Pool hydraulics: Even if you replaced a 1.5 hp pump with a 7 hp pump you will not get any more flow out of the system than the Plumbing can handle. You can only put so much water thru a 1.5" pipe. One soultion would be to change the plumbing to 2" or even better 3". However that is impractical. The 2 hp pump is going to cavitate and will have a shortened life because it is working harder than it was designed to. Replacing an older style pump with the new more efficient pumps of todays designs needs to be done carefully. You need to do some homework on the hydraulics of your particular pool. But that is a lengthy discussion and complicated for a novic. Bottom line in replacing old pump with new - - - downsize with the new pump - selecting a lower hp rating like - a one hp or even a .75 hp would work more efficiently than the 2 hp. And it would save you in electricity costs and pay for itself within 2 yrs.

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What does a wix 51380 oil filter fit?

Wix Oil Filter # 51380 fits Mitsubishi Saturn 1.6L & 1.8L Belt Drive motors. Also Mitsubishi 2L Astron and 2.6L Astron motors. Interchangeable with a Ryco Z56B Oil Filter.

What psi should I run my inground swimming pool pump?

I do recommend talking to your local electric motor repair guy, pumps and motors are what they do. Pool pumps are high volume low pressure pumps, and need to flow freely.

John Deere oil filter AM107423?

This is the oil filter that John Deere uses on all Kawasaki Motors that are used in John Deere equipment.

What is different between motor and actuator?

actuator same as motor, it transducer that converts one energy form into another, such as air pressure, fluid pressure to linear or rotational motion.motors convert the electrical signal to rotational motion, there are many types of motors like a electric motors which convert electric into rotation motion, Pneumatic motors convert compressed air into rotation motion. Hydraulic motors convert fluid pressure into rotation motion.

How does a robot move?

Robots can by moved by electric motors, by air pressure, by hydraulic pressure, or even by using magnetic fields.

What does a proline PPL-14006 oil filter fit?


What does stp oil filter S3816 fit?

Works fine for Harley Davidson Evolution motors.

How many quarts to change Pontiac grand oil?

V-6 motors use 5 qts with a filter

What are stepper motors used for?

Stepper motors are used in developing bionic arms and robotic limbs.They are run with micro chips that allow for a greater range of motions. They differ from a tradition RC motor.

What vechile does an stp s2 oil filter fit?

The STP S2 oil filter will fit on to several General Motors older engines. The filter will fit on to the Chevrolet 327 and the Chevrolet 283.

Which auto company was targeted by the environmental groups seeking to mobilize the public to support greater fuel economy?

General Motors

Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a Pontiac 455?

most olds motors have the OIL pressure switch on the top of the front of the block near the oil filler tube

What General Motors location sells fairly priced tow trucks?

A General Motors location selling fairly priced tow trucks can be found in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Another General Motors location that sells tow trucks can be found near Phoenix, Arizona.

What engine is a super tech oil filter ST3387A used on?

Supertech st3387a oil filter is used on most gm 3800 motors, olds 88,& 98 buick lesabre, & park avenue

Information on carquest oil filter 85385?

The Carquest oil filter number 85385 is about 7.6 inches long and about 3.5 inches in diameter. This filter is primarily for a Ford with a larger engine, but will fit other vehicles, like a Mercedez or General Motors vehicles.

What are the advantages of three phase power?

Three phase power is more efficient at running motors. The advantage of 3 phase becomes greater the larger the motor is. Three phase motors do not have to rely on capacitors to start or run.

What is the difference between crown motors and regular motors?

The difference between crown motors and regular motors is that crown motors is a company, and regular motors are not. Regular motors, are the motors that can be found under a car hood.

What actually creates torque in a hydraulic motor?

Torque hydraulic motors is done by oil pressure and oil pressure is caused by the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pumps produce higher pressure gets too much torque.

What two types of AC generators or motors are there?

induction motors, synchronous motors, commutator motors

What are some uses for a hydraulic motor?

Hydraulic motors allow for pressure and flow into torque. Amongst the many vehicles that use hydraulic motors one can usually find them being used in cranes, excavators, and drilling rigs.

What is the psi on a 2000 Chevy truck fuel pump?

psi on a 2000 Chevy truck, place the key in the on position the fuel pressure should be between 50- 60 psi....The General Motors test for this is the pressure should NOT drop more than 6-8 psi during the first 10 secounds, if it does check you fuel lines for leakes at the filter and check the check ball in the fuel system

What are the different kinds of three phase motors?

the three phase motors are basically of two kinds.. synchronous motors and induction motors

Will a bad muffler effect the motors performance?

yes, a muffler is designed along with exahust pipe to create proper amount of back pressure

What does a purolator oil filter L10111 fit?

The Purolator oil filter L10111 fits several cars. A few of them would be the Buick Century, the American Motors Concord, Eagle and Spirit, the Asuma GT and SE, the Buick Electra, Lacrosse, and LaSabre.

What autos use the pl25288 oil filter?

This filter has 746 different applications ranging from the 1960s to present. It fits most General Motors Product V8 engines and some larger 6 Cyls. A link detailing the complete application is below.

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