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On average how much does it cost to get new brakes and rotors for an auto?


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Well I'm no pro at this but I just brought my car in today to have the brakes/rotors/drums/calipers changed and it's costing me $658.00, my Dad had his done on his truck a few months back and he paid over $800.00 so maybe on average somewhere in between there?? Hope this helps! 1-29-08 I just got this done on a Sienna Van and it cost me $300 (used a coupon) at Mavis. Good Luck!


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If you are wondering the cost of repairing auto brakes because you have been hearing a lot of squealing and squeaking in your brakes whenever you drive, then the average cost is around 200-300 dollars.

how much does it cost to replace brakes rotors on honda crv

The average cost to get your brake pads replaced is $90-$150. If the rotors need to be replaced it could cost anywhere from $300-$650. A good place to take your car to is Firestone.

Most places charge by the hour, but the having your drum brakes replaced could cost anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on how bad the drum brakes are.

About $120 for front and $40 to install

you can get the whole package on ebay for under $200.....Callahan Brakes and rotors.. Just type in 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo brakes in the search on eBay

It depends on what type they are, but a rough estimate is about thirty to fifty dollars without the rotors. If you need rotors, it will cost $100 plus.

What should it cost to replace rear brakes, drums and rotors, '96 Volvo 850 GLT.

All four brake pads and rotors will cost about $510 for a 2007 Hyundai Sonata. Lesser work on the brakes will cost somewhat less.

The 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass brake rotors will cost approximately $40 per wheel. The rotors can be as cheap as $25 at some discount auto-parts stores.

We just had the brakes replaced on our 2003 Pilot. Cost to replace both sets of pads (front and rear) and rotate rotors was about $500. Cost for 2004 would be similiar.

It depends on the year, make, model of the car as well as what quality level of pads & rotors you want. If you are doing it yourself you can call and auto parts store and give them the above information and they can give you prices. If you are having a shop do the work there will be labor added to the cost which also varies depending on the above information.

Actually their is no exact amount for that but approximately it is $225 to reline both front and rear brakes.

If you need to replace the pads only, it can cost about $20 and more depending on state and city. If you need to replace rotors or/and calipers, it might cost $400 to $500 on average and more.

The cost of brake repair on a 2002 Ford F 150 pickup will vary depending on location, labor, and part costs. On average, it will cost around $500 to replace front and back brakes and rotors.

I just paid $500.00 to replace all brake pads and the front rotors

The average cost to repair your brakes varies according to what is actually wrong with the brakes. The estimated cost for your problem is around seventy-five to one hundred dollars.

Pads are $40.00 to $100.00, and rotors are $124.00 to $204.00, DIY. Count on four times that at a shop.

Yes, drum brakes are expensive. They are those back brakes. If you don't get them repaired they can cause a lot of more money which is destroy your rotors and the wheel cylinders, which are very costly.

If you take it to the VW dealer and need brakes / rotors on all 4 hubs it will cost around $2100.00 but if you can do it yourself it will be much less..

The cost for brakes on the Acura RSX vary slightly by retailer. On average the brakes range in price of 250.00 to 320.00. This cost does not include installation and labor.

Usually Just Brakes will charge $99 sometimes more if rotors or calipers are damaged = Front Brakes & Rotors = I just had mine replaced (14" Rotors), cost me $74.23 for the parts. 2 New Rotors, and 4 pads. Now changing them is a different story. My 1996 pads are mounted on tracks, that slide left and right. Held by 2 pins each. Really scary, especially if they are half-frozen.

anywhere between $140 at a local shop who will also resurface the rotors and replace the brakes to 60 at a dealership. Note: these prices do not include the price of the rotors. If your rotors have already been resurfaced once they are more than likely need to be changed also. Add another $50- $100.

Disk brake pads are usually somewhere between $15 and $30, depending on the vehicle. If you can do it yourself and you don't need calipers or rotors it shouldn't be too expensive. Most vehicles require new rotors when you replace the brakes, in fact, many mechanics won't even replace brakes without replacing the rotors. In years past you could resurface the rotors but that is less common now. Unfortunately, many shops were resurfacing rotors that were already too thin, and many vehicle manufacturers are now using rotors that cannot be resurfaced. Rotors typically cost between $30 and $60, and can go much higher for European vehicles and trucks or SUV's.

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