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I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly but here are a few things about online spanking. 1) Many people role play on IM and through email and this can be of a discipline nature as well as anything else. My partner and I began in a role playing game that was online in Yahoo groups and we progressed from there to IM spanking and then finally I moved in and now we do it for real. As in all things there are variables to take in consideration such as a few terms used. I am a brat and he is a Top and we are a couple. Not all people who think they are one or the other are. There are the general spankos who enjoy spanking or being spanked. There are the tiresome age players who want to have a mummy or daddy look after them. There ae the bondage and discipline people who only "scene" and there are the folks that just enjoy a little playful spanking before having sex.

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What are the release dates for Brand Spanking New Doug - 1996 Doug's Adventures On-Line 3-28?

Brand Spanking New Doug - 1996 Doug's Adventures On-Line 3-28 was released on: USA: 5 June 1999

Can spanking be exercise?

No, spanking can not be considered exercise.

Is spanking abuse?

Moderate corporal punishment, such as spanking, is not usually considered abuse. If it's hard enough to cause actual tissue damage (i.e. it leaves a permanent mark), then that's crossing the line.

What is a severe spanking?

A spanking that has been sore for more then a few days

Does Sweden allow spanking?

Spanking is illegal in Sweden.

Is spanking illegal in Sweden?

Spanking is illegal in Sweden

What is a sentence for spanking?

She started spanking the boy after he did shout. This is a sentence which contains the word spank.

Was there ever spanking on the Waltons?

yes therewas a spanking on the Waltons

Is spanking wrong?

Spanking teaches a child that violence is needed.

What is the ISBN of Spanking Shakespeare?

The ISBN of Spanking Shakespeare is 0375840852.

When was Spanking Shakespeare created?

Spanking Shakespeare was created in 2007.

When was Spanking Hour created?

Spanking Hour was created in 1996.

How do you find others that enjoy spanking?

go to spanking clubs....

Is there spanking fiction about Esme spanking Edward?

Sure, go to and search "spanking" in Twilight. You're bound to find something!

What is bare bottom spanking?

A Spanking where you are spank on ur naked butt

What is the duration of Spanking Love?

The duration of Spanking Love is 1.67 hours.

What is the duration of Spanking the Monkey?

The duration of Spanking the Monkey is 1.67 hours.

What is the duration of The Spanking Age?

The duration of The Spanking Age is 1200.0 seconds.

Does spanking firm and tone your butt?

To an extent. A spanking, especially a thorough spanking applied on the bare buttocks or on a thin undergarment usually leaves the buttocks firm, in that the buttocks, in response to the pain, inadvertently clenches during and/or after the spanking. Also, a thorough spanking can be equivalent to that of running a mile or more. Regular, severe, controlled spankings can - although with other side effects, which may or may not be desired - encourage overall wellness and fitness. Depending on what the spankee (the one receiving the spanking) wears during the spanking and how the spanker (the one giving the spanking) administers the spanking, the spankee and spanker will often result in sweating at the end of the spanking. The implement, length, and severity of the spanking will shape the results of such "exercise."

What is a Spanking?

a spanking is a hit or swat on the bottom with an open hand, used for punishment.

When was Spanking the Monkey created?

Spanking the Monkey was created on 1994-07-15.

What is the main line of the book 'Cheeky Spanking Stories'?

The book 'Cheeky Spanking Stories' is about the erotic adventures of a woman. The book is grouped in several short stories, but all of them follow the same character and are all related to the sexual experiences of this character.

What is an example of controversial topics that have to do with developmental psychology?

Spanking your child VS not spanking your child.

How to use the word spanking in a sentence?


Can you still give your child spanking?

Spanking your child is your choice, however, there are ALWAYS more appropriate and positive alternatives to spanking. Such as: time outs, taking away privileges.ect

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