On line spanking?

I'm not sure what you mean by this exactly but here are a few things about online spanking. 1) Many people role play on IM and through email and this can be of a discipline nature as well as anything else. My partner and I began in a role playing game that was online in yahoo groups and we progressed from there to IM spanking and then finally I moved in and now we do it for real. As in all things there are variables to take in consideration such as a few terms used. I am a brat and he is a Top and we are a couple. Not all people who think they are one or the other are. There are the general spankos who enjoy spanking or being spanked. There are the tiresome age players who want to have a mummy or daddy look after them. There ae the bondage and discipline people who only "scene" and there are the folks that just enjoy a little playful spanking before having sex.