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Reach way up under the dash and wiggle the connectors that are hardest to reach. This usually works.

Answerremove and reinstall the gage cluster, in the process you'll probably fix the loose connector that's causing the problem...also, check all the fuses, a loose or corroded fuse may b causing this...


everyone should have a manual for their vehicle, and a professional shop manual should be available at the library in the reference section for FREE...make copies of the right pages and fix your vehicle like a PRO! :)

good luck

Dave :)

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What causes the gauges to flutter and then quit working on a 1999 Dodge Caravan?

I've not had this problem in a Caravan, but my Camaro had the same exact problem, so I suspect from my background as an industrial electrician that the answers will be very similar. The Camaro has a circuit board on the back of the gauge cluster that connects all the gauges. Mine was cracked and the ground foil was not making good connection. ALL the gauges would flutter and then go either full max or full min. If you can see the bad connection, you can try repairing it with some solder; you may have to scrape the coating off the board to get the solder to stick. That worked for me for about a year. Then I ended up removing the gauge cluster again & getting the entire circuit board from my local junkyard. You might also check the ground from the frame to the engine block, but I suspect that if that ground was bad, you would have runnability problems. Good luck!

What is wrong when your gauges on dash board stop working on your 1997 Chevy astro van?

what is wrong when your gages on dash board stop working on your 1997 chevy astro van?

Why do the gauges on a 2000 grand caravan stop working?

A common reason for this is a cracked circuit board in the instrument panel. Do any of the warning lights come on at the same time (ABS, for example)? If you smack the dashboard with your hand sometimes you can make the gauges come on again. It'll likely need a new instrument cluster. --Dennis, ASE Master Tech

Why do the gauges on a 1984 Corvette stop working?

There are numerous reasons that can cause the gauges to stop working. In my case, I found a pin on one of the printed circuit boards that had never been soldered. This pin supplied 12 DC power from one board to the other and was black from arcing over the years. This was an intermittent problem that would cause the gauges to come and go. I soldered the pin and the instrument cluster has been working flawlessly ever since. Bad grounds are often the cause for electrical problems in Corvettes.

Will a A by A inches board fit in a caravan?

The answer depends on the value of A and the size of the caravan.

No dash lights or gauges not working on dash board on 1986 Jeep Comanche?

First, I would check the fueses, below the dash by the drivers feet. If not that, you should check the switch, try inter-changing it, if that doesnt work, you should check for burnt wires. I've had this problem before.

Why would your temperature and fuel gauges stop working?

The most common answer is they are broken, but more specifically if the fuse inside your car blew it would throw the reading off in your temperture and fuel gauges since they run through the same circut board in your car you should definatly check your fuses.

Where is the printed circuit board on 1996 caravan?

There are many printed circuit boards in a 1996 caravan. Please specify to which system you refer.

What causes 99 gmc suburban wipers to stop working when in use?

it may have a cracked circuit board, my blazer had the same problem

Why would coolant temp gauge and speedometer completely stop working and fuel gauge is erratic on 2003 Buick La Sabre?

Numerous gauges not working at the same time are a power issue. The instrument cluster needs to be removes so that the wiring and circuit board connections can be tested.

When you engage the overdrive then after a few seconds it starts to flick on the dash board what will be the problem?

If engaging the overdrive and then after a few seconds it starts to flick on the dash board the likely problem will be that the overdrive is no longer working properly. Also, this could indicate a battery being dead.

1997 dodge carvan Dash board gauges not working?

Check the fuses first. Then check to make sure the wires are hooked up under the dash and also under the hood. You may also have a ground wire unhooked.

What are some suggested caravan accessories?

Some suggested Dodge Caravan accessories are splash guards, a running board, a cargo liner, and fog lights. You can find Dodge Caravan accessories on websites like Mopar and AutoAnything.

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Where is Carbon canister in a 2002 Dodge Caravan?

Under the van, under the drivers floor board.

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How do you change the odometer light in a 2000 Saturn SL1?

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 well i had the same problem all you have to do is take the dash board off then take out the two bolts out for the speed ometer gauges but be careful because the wiring is to the left behind the gauges you have to unclip it then when you get it off there will be a piece of card board behind the gauges remove then you will see the light bulbs just twist them and they come out but dont forget where the light bulbs go and if you go to the dealership they cost around five bucks each bulb

What has caused the first 3 fan speeds to stop working on your 2000 Chev Malibu?

This happened to me with my '98 malibu. It was a faulty circuit board, a common problem in malibu's.

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What if your dash board gauges don't work checked fuse's and there are ok?

Instrument Gauges do Not Work even though fuse is goodUsually this problem is cause by one or more of:A connector has become disconnected or loosened,Corrosion has built up on the metal connector pins inside of a connector,A conductor [wire] has been cut or pulled apart,An "etch" conductor on the instrument cluster circuit board has broken,A component solder joint on the circuit board has failed [broken, or corroded].There are probably other possible causes, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Good luck.

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Hardly Working - 2007 Drawing Board was released on: USA: 24 May 2012

Why do my gauges in my 98 dodge grand Plymouth voyager caravan don't work?

If all the gauges have quit then you most likely have an electrical problem. Start at the fuse box and check them all. That's probably gonna be the problem. If it's not then you have a wiring problem. Probably under the dash in your wiring harness or connectors. This is a common problem with 1996-2000 Caravans. The fix is to disassemble the dashboard, remove the instrument cluster and resolder the connectors between the two circuit boards on the cluster. Usually you can see a black ring around one or more of the pins going through the circuit board. This is know as a cold solder joint. This means doing some dis-assembly of the cluster too. It may sound hard to do, but it is a lot easier than shelling out hundreds of dollars to mechanics who can't find the problem. Having a Philips head screwdriver (+), soldering gun and a bit of solder, the job took me (not a mechanic) about 1.5 hours to do this from start to finish. It has been over a year now with no problems with the gages.

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Why would the dash lights stop working and the radio stop getting power?

M y dash board light stop working and my back light too, i don't know where is the fuse box to check the problem. please help me thank you

Diagram of heating system for 1997 dodge grand caravan?

Water is leaking on passenger side floor board when heat is on