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On your 97 Altima when you pull off a spark plug wire the spark wire well is full of oil what causes this how do you fix it?

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October 20, 2009 1:29AM


Simplest is that when you top up your oil you miss the filler hole a bit and the oil runs down to the lowest point.

Nastiest is if you have a crack in the head gasket and oil is being forced up the piston bores and through the crack.

If you take the plug out is it all fouled up with burned crud? Make sure the plugs are in to the recommended tightness...I have known oil seep into the combustion chamber then up the plug threads.

It can also be a worn valve cover gasket causing oil seep. On the KA24 engine there are 2 gaskets: around the outer rim of the valve cover and around the 4 spark plug holes.