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Q: One day there was a guy and he was drinking and working on a car and one of his beers rolled oout into the road and he chased after it and got hit by a car and died?
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Could you die from drinking 3 beers?


How many beers is drinking a bottle of red wine equivelant to?

5 average 12 oz beers

Is drinking 6 beers a day unhealthy?

i think

Can drinking 30 beers hurt your liver?

No chance

Is drinking 2 beers a day okay?


What is the most beers you can have if you are driving?

NONE, no drinking while driving.

You want to start drinking beers but dont like the taste?

Then WHY start?

Does drinking a 2 or 3 beers after exercise undo the good work?


Will you pass a breathalyzer after drinking a pint of whiskey and 6 beers after 10 hours of not drinking?

No, because a pint of whiskey is like 10 beers and 6 more. Thats 16 hours you would have to wait.....

How long does it take to pass a breathalyzer after drinking 6 beers?

4 hours

Will i pass a breathalyzer 9 hours after drinking two beers?


What would be your BAC if you drank 4 beers?

It depends on your size tolerance and what beer your drinking

What is the legal drinking age in Germany?

The legal age is 16 for beers and wines, and 18 for spirits.

Does beer kill the antibiotics?

no .most of antibodies still active even with drinking beers and alchol.

How long does beer say in urine after drinking four beers that evening?

5 to 6 days

I just took two advil can I have a couple beers or is it dangerous since I just took the advil?

Drinking alcoholic beverages with medication is not advised. There is a risk in drinking beer with Advil, depending on the condition and health of your liver. I would avoid the beers if you just took Advil.

What damage are you doing to your body by drinking eight beers per night?

Your kidney and liver gets weaker.

How many beers a day is okay?

Studies suggest that drinking the maximum of three beers per day is okay. However, this of course varies depending on your age and other health ailments you may have.

How long does it take to pass a breathalyzer after drinking two beers?

About an hour to be certain, but probably less. You might not even get over the legal limit with two beers, depending on your size, gender and weight.

Will drinking beer hinder your breast enhancement pills?

Manswers I saw the other day that drinking beer makes your boobs bigger. Drinking 15 beers a day would be the same as 1 enhancement pill

Who was in the first beer commercial?

Bubba Smith was the first commercial after drinking 8 beers I see Bubba smith as an answer

What are the effects of drinking moonshine?

you get really fuggD One shot is like drinkin 6 beers

What happens if you take ibuprofen after drinking 3 beers?

You may get a stomach ache. Try not to take meds with alcohol.

Will you fail a etg ig you drank 5 beers the night before?

Without question. If you have no more control over your drinking than to drink five beers the night before a test, you are almost certainly an alcoholic.

How many beers does it take to get you drunk?

It depends on the type of beer and who is drinking it. One who has been drunk a hundred times may take a few more beers to get drunk than one who has never been drunk.