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Q: Ourdia elle sortie avec John Travolta donne Facebook ourdia 13hotmail fr bisous ourdia?
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What does bisous mon cheri mean in English?

"bisous mon cheri" means "Kisses, my dear" Bisous = Kisses Mon cheri = My dear I hope it helps.

The meaning of the word gross bisous?

Gros bisous (not gross) means big kisses in French

How do you pronounce bisou?


What does faire des bisous mean?

In English faire de bisous translates to give someone kisses.

What does Biscous mean in french?

It must be Bisous it is a kind (and infant) way to say baiser (a kiss) Bisous are kisses

How you say kisses in french?


What is exact meaning of bisous doux at the end of one text?

Sweet Kisses is exact meaning of bisous doux. It is a salutation.

What is 'pleins de bisous' when translated from French to English?

Pleins de bisous! in French means "Bunches of kisses!" in English.

What does 'je t'adore je t'aime bisous' mean in English?

"je t'adore, je t'aime, bisous" = "I adore you, I love you, kisses"

What does J'ai beaucoup bisous pour toi mean in English?

j'ai beaucoup de bisous pour toi = I have lots of kisses for you

What does 'gros bisous' mean?

"Bisous" refers to those little kisses by each cheek that the French sometimes exchange upon greeting and departing. Written letters and emails often use "Bisous" as the complimentary close, or "Gros Bisous" meaning many of those little kisses by the cheeks. Even though the literal translation is "large kisses", gros bisous does not refer to open mouth sloppy wet kisses.

Bisous a tous?

Is it a question? If yes, where is it? Do you have a brain?

How do you write 'love from' in french?

bisous, affectueusement

What is bisous in English?

it means kisses literally

What does the French word 'bisous' mean?

The word 'bisous' is French for kisses. It's a masculine gender noun. The form in the singular is 'bisou' ['kiss'].

Translate bisous a tes beaux garcons into English?

"bisous à tes beaux garçons" means "kiss your nice boys for me"

What does couvert de bisous se soir la mean in english?

couvert de bisous ce soir means covered with kisses tonight

How can you say derien ami bisous in English?

"De rein ami bisous" is a french term that basically means "It a freind kiss. It means nothing"

How do you say chocolate kiss in french?

bisous chocolat

How do you pronounce bisous in french?

roughly "bee-zoo"

How do you say love mum in french?

bisous, Maman

How do you write With love from Mommy in French?

Bisous, Maman.

What does bissou mean in french?

bisous means kisses

How do you pronounce the french word 'bisous'?

beezoo is an approximation

What does bon voyage mon amour gros bisous mean?

"Bon voyage, mon amour. Gros bisous" = "Have a nice trip, my love. Big kisses."