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Ourdia elle sortie avec John Travolta donne Facebook ourdia 13hotmail fr bisous ourdia?

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The word 'bisous' is French for kisses. It's a masculine gender noun. The form in the singular is 'bisou' ['kiss'].

"bisous mon cheri" means "Kisses, my dear" Bisous = Kisses Mon cheri = My dear I hope it helps.

Gros bisous (not gross) means big kisses in French

In English faire de bisous translates to give someone kisses.

It must be Bisous it is a kind (and infant) way to say baiser (a kiss) Bisous are kisses

Sweet Kisses is exact meaning of bisous doux. It is a salutation.

"Bisous" refers to those little kisses by each cheek that the French sometimes exchange upon greeting and departing. Written letters and emails often use "Bisous" as the complimentary close, or "Gros Bisous" meaning many of those little kisses by the cheeks. Even though the literal translation is "large kisses", gros bisous does not refer to open mouth sloppy wet kisses.

j'ai beaucoup de bisous pour toi = I have lots of kisses for you

"bisous à tes beaux garçons" means "kiss your nice boys for me"

Pleins de bisous! in French means "Bunches of kisses!" in English.

it means kisses literally

Is it a question? If yes, where is it? Do you have a brain?

"De rein ami bisous" is a french term that basically means "It a freind kiss. It means nothing"

"je t'adore, je t'aime, bisous" = "I adore you, I love you, kisses"

couvert de bisous ce soir means covered with kisses tonight

"Bon voyage, mon amour. Gros bisous" = "Have a nice trip, my love. Big kisses."

bonne soirée et a très vite bisous oxo good night kisses and soon oxo

Un bisous or un baiser

embrasser - une bise/un bisous

vous êtes très belle - or- tu es très belle = you are very beautiful - bisous are 'kisses'

"bisous quand même" would read 'still, hugs and kisses' in English. The overall sense of 'quand même' is 'no bad blood' or 'despite [the little argument we had]'.

"bisous chaud" means literally "kisses (in the plural) hot (singular)". Although both words are French, no French speaker would speak that way.

Kisses, or some kisses, depending on context.

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