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Probably the thermostat stuck shut.

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Q: Overheating open radiator and gushes out like a volcano?
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Related questions

What is red light that looks like a radiator?

It means your engine is overheating. You should pull over and stop the car immediately if that light comes on. Overheating can ruin an engine quickly.

How do you know if your motorcycle is overheating if you have no temp gauge?

If there is no temperature gauge on a motorcycle, the way to tell if the motorcycle is overheating is by smell or feel. If the bike smells like radiator hot water, it might be overheating. If the legs of the operator start to become so warm that it is uncomfortable to ride, it might be overheating.

Why is my 97' firebird trans am overheating and how can i determine the cause of the overheating i have smoke coming out the tailpipe and the hood?

The smoke may be because you are overheating the engine. There are several causes for this. Check your fluid level in your radiator. Make sure it is full. Check your thermostat. Change it if it is weak. Check your radiator cap. This needs to be the correct one for the engine. Check all moving parts for your water system. Like the water pump, hoses and fittings.

What causes hot stalling and starting problem Taurus?

you mean like overheating? could be a number of problems, radiator leak, radiator broke, radiator fan, leaky hose, broken water pump, broken head or head gasket, or the car running to lean.

Your beretta is overheating and you replaced the thermostat and the radiator fan works what else could it be?

it sounds like your water pump may not be working, to find out if it is, start your car, remove the radiator cap and look into the radiator. you should be able to see the fluid moving in the radiator. it sounds like your water pump may not be working, to find out if it is, start your car, remove the radiator cap and look into the radiator. you should be able to see the fluid moving in the radiator.if it is not m0oving your pump is bad

What do floods look like?

Floods look like large gushes of water.

My'95 Saturn SC1 was overheating all the oil was in the radiator no water was in the oil I flushed it however the oil continues to build in the radiator Is this a head gasket problem?

sounds like you have a cracked head or cracked block.however, i would check to make sure it is not transmission oil and thereby ruling out a radiator problem

MY 99 cavalier was overheating and leaking antifreeze from the water pump Fixed the water pump the it still overheated you put a new thermostat in and its still overheating Its gurgling what now?

it sounds like you need to burp the air out of the motor. if at all possible park the car so the front end is higher than the rear end- like uphill parking. fill the radiator with coolant and run the car continuously filling the radiator as coolant is being circulated. have the heat on high inside the car. when the air blows warm and the radiator coolant level is being maintained. put the radiator cap on and fill the resevoir. never remove a radiator cap from ahot car as severe burns can occur

You replaced the thermostat in your 2001 Chevy venture but the van is still overheating the top radiator hose is hard and hot to the touch like the thermostat is not opening up please advise?

The top radiator hose is above the thermostat. If the top radiator hose is hot, the thermostat is opening. The thermostat is not the problem. Perhaps the radiator is clogged up or the water pump is bad. Look elsewhere.

I Changed the thermostat and it's still overheating water not flowing?

if it's like my V8 Porsche 914, i had air pockets in the cooling system at the water pump. when air is at the water pump there is nothing to push water. Therefore overheating. Other things to check is water pump and radiator.

Pontiac GTP Temperature gauge overheating but it's not?

it could be your thermostat on the radiator. if it is then you could be causing some severe damage to the engine and radiator. i recommend that you take it in to be checked out. a simple problem like that can lead to something far more damaging and expensive in the long run if let go.

Why would the radiator fan continue to run after the engine stops after the thermostat was replaced on a 2002 Nissan Altima?

Ingeneral, the fan will run only if the temperature of the radiator is above the normal range. If the fan is running, then the radiator must be over temp unless the radiator fan thermostat or it's relay is defective. If the radiator truly is over temp then you have a larger over-heating problem You state the thermostat was replaced. if you replaced the fan thermostat then either the radiator really is over temp and it is doing what it should, or there is a problem with the thermostat-fan relay or switch. If you replaced the engine thermostat that controls the flow of coolent between the engine and the radiator, then that probably wasn't your problem and you should look elsewhere for an overheating cause. I would start by determining if the engine actually is overheating or not. If it is, I would look for coolent system problems like the engine thermostat (if you didn't replace it already), water pump, leaks, scale build up in the radiator, or blockages in the system. If the engine isn't overheating then I would consentrate on the fan, fan thermostat and relays.

Why is it not safe to open the radiator cap when engine is overheating?

When the cooling system is overheated, the coolant is at pressure. Removing the radiator cap will release the pressure, and allow the coolant to boil, probably splashing you with boiling-hot radiator fluid. Your arms and hands will certainly be burned, and there's a good chance that the boiling coolant will splash your face. You wouldn't like it if that happens.

Why would a mercury grand marquis steam from the motor what smells like radiator fluid when the overheating light doesn't come on?

A leak could potential cause the issue you describe and still keep the engine from overheating. I would suggest having the cooling system pressure tested for leaks and having any leaks repaired.

You have an overheating problem it's not the radiator or the thermostat?

You say it's not the radiator, but when coolant in radiators is not flushed out at service intervals, corrosion can occur inside the radiator, diminishing coolant flow. This would present as overheating, especially in the summer months. Radiator flush/cleaing services are sold at Jiffy-Lube, etc, but you can get the same chemical packets at Pep Boys, NAPA, etc. Good Luck Also: check to see if you have water coming in your passenger side. Check the floor for wetness, and if it smells like antifreeze. This is your heater core gone bad Defective water pump, fan, fan clutch if equipped, fan thermal relay.

2000 Oldsmobile silhoutte th eguage says overheating but engine isn't hot has stalled out no heat coming from vents what could be th eproblem?

Sounds like a sticking thermostat. When you say "the engine isn't hot", you mean "the radiator isn't hot", right? Because if the temperature gauge says overheating, your engine ishot

How is a composite volcano like a shield and a cinder cone volcano?

A composite volcano is a combination of a cinder cone and a shield cone. The top of a composite volcano is steep like a cinder cone. The bottom of a composite volcano is flatter, like a shield volcano.

Will a hole in the top of the radiator well cause a 1986 camaro to over heat?

Yes. This will cause the water to leak out under pressure and cause overheating. A hole like this should be repaired before driving too far in this vehicle.

You have a 1994 Mazda MX3 and it is overheating the smoke comes from the radiator but no coolant gets to the engine and there is no heat inside the car whats wrong?

Sounds like you have a coolant leak. When cold, put a pressure tester (hand pump with fitting to the radiator neck) and see if you can see any coolant leaking. Once found, fix the leak.

Your 1997 Catera is overheating and it has water and what seems like transmission fluid over flowing Is this the thermostat?

If you have transmission fluid in your coolant, you need a new radiator. The transmission cooler is a separate cooler located inside the radiator. Apparently yours has sprung a leak. It cannot be serviced separately. First replace the radiator. If its still overheating, then check the T stat. Rick I'm a retired ASE Master/L-1 Technician. I still keep current with the latest automotive technology. Visit my blog for cool articles and TSB's:

97 cavalier shooting out antifreeze through air vent and over heating?

Sounds like a head gasket problem to me in the least. If the overheating caused the leak then you may have to check the radiator, thermostat and water pump as well. Good luck.

If a Pontiac 96 grand am is overheating where is the leak?

well if its overheating doesnt mean its leaking however if it is leaking look to see where its coming from check the side of the radiator ( left and right) check the upper and lower radiator hoses as well as the water pump which on a 2.2 liter is located on the lower back side behind the exhaust manifold on the 3.1 i believe its on the side if no leaks u could have a bad or weak water pump, frozen therostat or damaged radiator water pump thermostat and radiator on 3.1 your looking at maybe 8-900 water pump thermostat and radiator on 2.2 liter your looking at like 12-1300 because u need to do belt tensioner and timing chain on it plus mechanics hate this engine design very poor by Pontiac

Why does a volcano shape like a mountain?

When the volcano erupts, lava comes out and hardens on the surface of the volcano. If the volcano keeps erupting, then the hardened lava will create layers which cause the volcano to get taller like a mountain.

What is an adjective for Volcano?

The adjective is volcanic. It means of or like a volcano, or an erupting volcano.

You have a 99 Ford Escort with overheating problems on it on and off you know that the fan works because you tested it what could be the reason for it to over heat?

Sounds like you could have a low water/anti freeze level, bad thermostat, or clogged radiator or clogged engine passages. Usually if the thermostat is causing the overheating it is stuck in the closed position and the car will overheat within a few minutes after starting it.