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Water pump with a broken impeller blade. Possibly defective fan relay, fan motor, or fan clutch, depending on what it uses.

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Q: Overheating problem with your 91 skylark 2.5l you have replaced the t-stat and flushed the coolant system that worked for about 6 months and it seems to come and go now does anyone have any idea how?
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How do you fix overheating on a dodge Ram 250 van?

I'm not a mechanic but, I had to replace my radiator to fix the overheating problem on my 1994. That was the last thing I replaced after replacing the water pump, thermostat, and replaced my fan with a clutch fan. have not had anymore problems with it overheating once the radiator was replaced. Flush the coolant first then replace the radiator. Hope this helps.

Why is my 1992 dodge Dakota overheating during daytime?

Your truck is overheating because it needs a new radiator. I had the same problem, after I installed the new radiator and flushed out my remaining cooling system I never had a overheating problem since.

Why is your 1995 Chevy Monte Carlo ls overheating problem?

Check your coolant levels and make sure it is up to level and decent looking...Coolant (in this case) should be a nice Lime green. Engine Thermostat is probably the most likely cause of overheating...It should be replaced if you haven't already.

Low oil light is coming on for a 2001 grans am se and overheating what do i do?

change your oil asap. and check your coolant level, you may need to have your radiator flushed and filled, but just having an oil change could take care of your problem. hope this helped : )

Your 1998 sebring is overheating after the fan sensor has been replaced and new coolant added Why?

It is possible that the coolant mixture is not correct- that can make a car run hot. It is possible for the water pump to go out. Also it is possible to be having a problem with the radiator fan.

Your Mazda MPV 1993 6cyl is overheating you replaced the thermostat and it is still overheating What can be causing the problem?

are the cooling fans coming on

Why does the coolant boil out of the coolant reservoir on a 98 Ford Taurus?

AnswerThis is a symptom of an overheating engine. See "Related Questions" below for an excellent trouble-shooting guide to overheating problem.

Whats the problem with a 1998 olds intrigue having replaced everything except the radiator in the cooling system and flushed the system but the car stills overheats what is the problem?

Check the coolant fan see if it turns on when the engine gets hot. if not then your temp sensor could be bad

How do you know if your car needs a new thermostat?

If your radiator isnt leaking and car is having a over heating problem and coolant spewing out. Chances are your thermostat needs replaced. possible the radiator needs to be flushed. But more likley its thermostat

Why is the Cutlass supreme low coolant light blinking?

First off, check your engine coolant tank. If it's low, then that's the problem. Put more coolant in. If it's at the correct level, then look to see if there's gunk buildup. Second, is your engine overheating? If the engine is not overheating, and there is gunk buildup in the coolant tank, then you may just need to clean the sensor. If there is no gunk in your tank, your coolant level is fine, and your engine is not overheating, then it may be a bad sensor, and you need to replace it.

96 grand am se 3.1 and it keeps overheating when idle or driving slow but it stays cool when im in constant motion or in winter got to keep heat on during summer .i changed thermostat and flushed rad.?

i had the same problem in my 96 grand-am i actually replaced the radiator, coolant overflow tank, and thermostat before it stopped. Check your coolant overflow tank and check for cracks and whatknot. If nothing else check the fan and make sure all belts are in proper motion and stuff. hope i was some help

Why would the coolant not circlulate even after you have replaced the water pump and the thermostat twice bled the system and checked for blockage?

Thermostat possibly installed upside down. Also a possible clogged radiator. we have had the same problems. replaced water pump thermo 3 times flushed sys twice repaired radiator,replaced hoses even left thermo out and still overheating help me too PLEASE!!!!! If you replaced the head gasket, it may not be installed in properly. I.E. coolant passages blocked by gasket. Could be air locked. I had this problem with a 1995 Grand Am. Get yourself a repair manual and follow the entire procedure to bleed all air in the cooling system. Some vehicles have a bleeder valve between the water pump and thermostat housing.

A computer freezes at odd times at first you suspect the power supply or overheating but you have eliminated overheating and replaced tje power supply without solving the problem what do you do next?

restart it

If engine gauge does not show overheating but coolant spews from overflow tank what is the problem in a 2001 Mazda MPV?

Thermostat may not be opening

You'v replaced your thermostat and radiator on your 1983 cutlass and its still overheating what is causing it to still overheat could it be the water pump?

i would have replaced water pump long before replacing radiator. also check engine oil to see if it has engine coolant mixed in.if it has then the problem is more likely to be a bad head gasket

Ac is running engine shuts off?

A tune up usually solves the problem. We've had the same problems with a Chevy Suburban and a Ford Taurus. The spark plugs were replaced, some stock parts in the Ford were also replaced, but ultimately certain parts in the engine needed to be flushed and cleaned. Also, the vehicle may be overheating. Check the radiator / Cooling system is working properly.

Why After getting no heat or engine not warming up you replaced the thermostat flushed rad etc twice with the same result Overheating what else could it be on an 87 suburban Chevy 350?

If I understand this right, there were 2 original problems. 1-no heat, 2- engine not warming up. Now the new problem is overheating, correct? Overheating is usually a function of poor circulation or poor heat transfer, assuming the coolant level is at proper point. 1) Sticking thermostat - if open, no heat and poor engine warmup. if closed, no flow and overheating. 2) Radiator fins degrading and beginning to rust/corrode or come apart. This will compromise the rads ability to do heat transfer and the result will be overheating. Copper rads are famous for this, aluminum less so. 3) If the impeller on the water pump has become worn down, it will be less and less efficient at moving the coolant around in the motor. This will usually give overheating. 4) Last item is big problem - if there is a leak at a head gasket allowing combustion pressure to leak into the cooling system - this will cause overheating problems. Note: No heat if all else is good usually means a plugged heater core. Also, watch out for a slight drop in the coolant level in the rad tank as the pick off point for heater hoses can end up below this level and suddenly you have no flow thru the heater core.

What causes the hot coolant temp light to come on the 2002 Pontiac Montana?

You are OVERHEATING. You most likely have an intake or Head gasket problem.

Why would a Peugeot 106 continue to overheat but faster after the radiator was drained flushed and refilled with coolant?

I hope you replaced the coolant with a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Pure coolant will overheat and freeze quicker than a mix. You should have replaced the thermostat, and checked the water pump, and fans for proper operation. Also after draining and refill the cooling system, it must be bled properly, which I suspect is your problem. Trapped air in the system will cause the engine to overheat.Answeri had this problem you've got to wait for the water to circulate. just open the cap and pour more water in (i put 2L of water in)

Why is my Mazda 626 radiator overheating?

likely possibilities are the following. Low or bad coolant , water pump, thermostat needs changing, clogged radiator or lines, coolant temperature sensor or radiator fans not coming on, head gasket Also check the radiator caps on the hose and the overflow container. That was my problem. One or both may have to be replaced.

Why does a 1999 venture temp gauge heat up and show low coolant when you turn on the heater - have replaced thermostat - coolant sensor - flushed air out of system and pressure checked it OK.?

It sounds like your heater coil is low on coolant and drains your radiator every time you turn it on. Try letting your van warm up completely, then turn your heater on full blast and then check your radiator coolant level, if its low, that's your problem. Just keep adding until full.

Why isn't coolant flowing in the radiator on a 2001 subaru outback when the cap is off and the engine is running?

The question is why do you think it should? Is there an overheating problem with your Outback?

1996 Grand Marquis overheating problem Does not overheat until driving for a while then when you come to a stop the temperature climbs.?

radiator plugged.or coolant low

A computer freezes at odd times At first you suspect the power supply of overheating but you have eliminated overheating and replaced the power supply without solving the problem?

Try the simple things first: Flash the BIOS

Smoke under the hood?

If you see smoke coming from under the hood of your vehicle this indicates a serious problem. Your car is overheating, this could be because of low coolant in the radiator or another problem with the radiator.