Pakistan hostory and its causes?

Before 14 august 1947 here was a combine Bank of Pakistan and India which was federal reserve bank of India. It remain bank of Pakistan 1948 on 1st

July 1948 Quaid e azam loved foundation one of state bank of Pakistan.State bank of Pakistan is the controll bank of the country while it,s constitution ,as

Originally laid down in the state bank of Pakistan order 1948 basically

Unchanged until 1st January 1974 when the bank was nationalized the scope of its

Function was considerably enlarge. The state bank of Pakistan act 1956 with subsequent amendments forms the basis of its operation today. Under the state bank of Pakistan order 1948 the bank was charged with the duty to regular the issue of bank notes and keeping of reserves with view to security monetary stability in Pakistan and generally to operate the currency and credit system of the country to advantageā€.

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