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Part time jobs for 13 year olds?

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2012-07-29 02:55:04

I'm kinda in the same situation as you right now. OK I'm 13 too

and at this age it's awesome because you get to go hang with

friends or the mall or theatre without an adult, but at this age we

have to take on the responsibility to and show others that you are

responsible and by that you can:

~babysit (8$ an hour)

~sell things you have that you don't use at a garage sale

(clothes, toys, teddy's, Cd's, jewellery, etc)

~odd jobs around the neighbourhood

~go to an old age home and clean up or keep them busy etc.

~babysit your neibours kids or pets

~wash cars

~bring bottles to the bottle depot (you can get paid like 10$

for a lot of cans)

~pick up around the house (without being asked)

~lemonade or bake sale


~do a street performance (dance or play an instrument)

ask if you can just get paid from your parents cuz your such an

awesome lid! (lol it acutely works :)

~lawn people's lawns or prepare a garden or water flowers )

~if your an artist have an art sale or make b-day cards or get

well soon ones.

~wash windows

~i hope i helped :)

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