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Could possibly be some tranny fluid that got on the exhaust and just needs to burn off or the tranny is leaking fluid onto the exhaust.

2007-05-10 13:41:02
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What can cause a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan to make an annoying whistling noise after driving a long distance?

I have noticed this on my '03 Grand Caravan, and have found it to be the fuel pump. I really notice it when it is hot outside. The dealer said they wouldn't touch it until it goes out. They have replaced them and the new ones will start to do this sometimes. If the dealership told me to wait, I will. They are usually known to try and take all the money they can from you.

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1987 Dodge caravan while driving died can't start no spark?

Hello. Have you looked at the distribiture? I have a 1988 that had no spark. We noticed that alot of carbon was built up on the contacts. Used a little sandpaper and cleaned the contacts. Worked wonders for me. GL. P.T.

What changes in vision while driving can be noticed when cataracts are forming?

Increased glare from lights, especially oncoming headlights when driving at night.

Clicking sound on 1995 Ford Probe when rolling driving?

Had this same issue in a '93 Probe. Replaced the CV axle and stabilizer links to no avail. While replacing the steering bushings I noticed my rim was somewhat warped, so I had replaced with a spare. Not sure if it was the wheel or the bushings but the sound disappeared! And man was it ever a frustrating noise!

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2003 Grand Caravan - occasionally hearing a loud thumping sound from underneath the front passenger area - they told me it was the belts and replaced - Now I'm hearing it again - Any ideas?

Do you hear the thumping a certain amount of time after filling the fuel tank? I have noticed that some time after filling up i also hear a thumping sound, it could just be fuel sloshing around in the tank. Have you had the struts replaced this is 03 everyone seems to forget these things need to be replaced too.

How do you remove the ignition without the key 94 caravan?

The caravans have an ignition key module affixed`to the steering column by three screws. Remove the plastic covering the key switch and you will see the screws. Remove the screws and the module can be replaced. My module stopped working so I was going to break the switch to get the car started, when I noticed the setup, so instead of breaking anything I just removed it and went to the wrecking yard with my old key and the key worked on the second caravan I tried. How about that luck!!!

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Be sure the battery connections are clean and tight.

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My 2007 6M/T has a slight whine that comes from the transmission.

How often should you replace a valve cover gasket?

I have a 2007 ford escape, replaced a valve cover gasket in August 2012, noticed that i have a small oil leak around the gasket.

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Probably, NONE. YOU are supposed to look over the car inside and outside and all around before signing anything. If you were to take the van back they probably would say that something happened between you driving it off the lot and bringing the van back.

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