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Temp blend door actuator malfunction.

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Q: Pontiac grand prix 1999 ac blows cold on passenger side and warm on drivers side.?
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I have a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. Why does Auto air conditioner blows cold air on the passengers side but warm air on the drivers side.?

what is the car make and model? I have seen many questions on Olds Intrigue. 2002 Pontiac grand prix

I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix that blows AC cool air out of the pasanger side and warm air out of the drivers side?

My mom had the same problem and we added freon and it blows very cold all over now.

Can I put a 20 windshield wiper blade on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am?

Drivers side; yes. Passenger side; no. But why would you? The 2001 Pontiac Grand Am takes a 22" drivers side and a 17" passenger side. Always lookup correct part numbers in the books at the store or lookup wiper sizes online. You're talking about safety, do do this maintenance correctly!!

Is there more than one blend door actuator on Pontiac grand prix yr 2000?

yes one on the drivers side and one on passenger side

2000 Pontiac grand prix passenger airbag removal?


Where is the starter on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

Bottom front drivers size

When the heat hardly blows out of the vents on your 93 grand am when it is on full how do you fix it?

93 grand am... that's a Pontiac product. Burn it!

Where is the horn on the 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix?

underneath the passenger side headlight

What size for a Pontiac grand am gt 2003 drivers side wipers?

The 2003 Pontiac Grand Am takes 22" drivers side and 17" passenger side wiper blades. See related link below. To ensure correct attachment as well as length, lookup exact wiper part numbers by make, model and year of vehicle.

Where is the blower motor on a 1993 Pontiac grand prix?

Usually against the passenger firewall

Where is the horn located on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?

Under the passenger side head lamp.

Where can you find recharge the ac on 2003 Pontiac grand am?

on the passenger side next to firewal

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