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Remove the alternator and have it tested at any auto parts store?

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Q: Power surge with headlights causing them to flash bright to dim while driving on a 86 300 zx?
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Headlights keep blowing on a camaro?

There is a voltage regulator located on the internals of you alternator replace the altenator. Voltage regulator keeps voltage constant and stops spikes in power output, this is what is causing your headlights to blow.

Is there a kit to install driving lights that go on when the ignition is on for a 1991 Corvette and where do the driving lights mount?

i bet it wouldn't be hard to put the headlights on the radeo power that comes on when the ignition is on...

While driving on freeway engine lost power and died but headlights power door lock stills work?

Symptoms indicate the timing chain broke or came loose.

When was Headlights - Cat Power song - created?

Headlights - Cat Power song - was created in 1993.

Does the 1997 jeep wrangler have positive or negative side switching for the headlights?

The headlamp switch controls the power to the dimmer switch and then on to the headlights.The headlamp switch controls the power to the dimmer switch and then on to the headlights.

Why is there no power to the headlights no power to the headlights on a 1994 Crown Victoria?

Bad switch? Headlight Relay Fuse/Breaker needs replacement

Car headlights flicker and radio and ac go in and out while driving Nothing goes off but you can definitely notice the headlight flickering as well as the ac blowing slower for a second?

When a cars headlights, AC, and radio are losing power, it is possible the alternator.

Why my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee V8 won't start Power comes on headlights bright It clicks once and nothing?

If you still have power after the click then the problem is probably a faulty starter solenoid or relay. If no power after the click, check the battery cables for good connection.

My radio only works when the headlights are on in your 99 Chrysler sebring JXI does anyone know what could be causing this?

If it is an aftermarket stereo then i would say that the installer tied into the dashboard illumination or headlight power wire for 12 volt power for the stereo.

Your headlights dont work in your 97 eclipse?

check the fudes check headlights for power then check light switch

What could the problem be when you have no power to the ignition on a 1994 E350 1 ton your headlights interior lights and clearance lights all work the power instantly cut off while driving?

The starter in your E350 could be going bad. If the sensor or wiring is faulty, you will not get enough power.

Question revised Power surge with headlghts causing them to flash bright to dim while driving on a 1986 300 zx Both the alt and battery have been replaced?

That is usually a regulator problem. Most regulators are integral to the alternator, but there are always a few that aren't, just to frustrate owners who want to work on their own vehicles.

Why does your dash panel dims when you tun on the headlights?

read your owners manual. or maybe it's because the headlights take alot of power.

How come your battery dies when you use your headlights?

because the battery is the source of the power for the headlights. there could be an issue with the battery or the alternator can be failing.

What drains car battery more inside lights or headlights?

Headlights, since they require more power than the inside lights of a car.

How to improve 1973 beetle headlights?

If the car is running with 12 volts, you may want to buy new headlights. New bulbs on 12 volts are plenty bright. Before you put in new headlamps, clean up the contacts that they fit onto to make sure you are getting a good clean connection, and you aren't losing any power to a dirty connection.

Why does your steering go stiff on your ford galaxy in the rain?

Possibly the belt driving the power steering pump is worn or loose, and when wet, slips, causing the steering to get stiff.

What causes headlights to go off and on when key switch is on?

its to conserve power to start veh. with full voltage to starter headlights will come on after starting car

Why are Buick lesabre headlights dim?

Could be bad headlights, foggy or dirty headlight casing, poor power output (bad battery or alternator).

Kia sportage no power to fuel pump gauges headlights brake lights and radio?

if you have no headlights the battery is dead or one of therminals is very corroded.

Why would the headlights not work in a Subaru?

there are several possibilities, first: the fuse that provides power to the headlights could be blown out. second: the headlights could be burnt out. the other possibilities would require a professional diagnostics by a Subaru technician.

Headlights on no power or lihgts on dashboard?

A fuse could be bad underneath your dash

Does the wattage of a bulb indicate how bright it is or how much power it consumes?

The power it consumes

What is causing your 1996 Honda losing power under load?

the load increases fuel consumption. you're car is probably out of gas. if its still losing power after refueling, try driving very closely behind semi-trucks. this will increase aerodynamics and thus power.

Why does my 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage De is losing power and shuts off when driving?

check your might have a bad distrib. o'ring or gasket,causing oil to leak inside of distributor and flooding your iginitor ,causing it to louse power and often does it happen. if not have someone or yourself check the fuel pump pressure.... good luck..............