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Legislative Powers are exclusive to Congress. The Constitution separates the powers of government so that no branch becomes too powerful.

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Q: Powers that only Congress can exercise are called what?
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Which name would apply to a person who wants Congress to exercise only the expressed powers in the Constitution?

ssict constructionist

What are the powers of Congress that are written into the Constitution called?

Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States lists eighteen "enumerated powers" of the Congress. The 9th and 10th Amendments, as part of the Bill of Rights, specifically limit the Congress from taking actions that are not explicitly authorized, stating that powers not listed are reserved to the People or to the States.

Which section of Article I sets limits on the power of Congress?

It limits congressional power that the powers Congress are to exercise are exclusively those specifically provided for in Article I. This has been interpreted to mean that Congress, and only Congress, is vested with the legislative power.

What are powers that neither the national government nor any of the state governments can exercise called?

Inherent powers are powers that neither the national government nor any of the states can exercise. These powers are over and beyond those explicitly spelled out in the Constitution and are only implied from express grants.

Someone seeking to limit the powers of congress to its expressed powers and only the most vital implied powers?

Strict Constructionist

Strict constructionists want congress to what?

Strict constructionists want Congress to use only expressed powers.

What powers does congress have in areas of foreign policy and defense?

Congress shares power in this field with the president. Only Congress may declare war.

Which type of congressional powers are clearly spelled out in the constitution?

Enumerated powers are clearly spelled out in the Constitution. These are specific powers granted to Congress, such as the power to coin money, regulate commerce, declare war, and raise an army and navy.

All three branches of government may only exercise powers given to them by the?


What are enumerated powers?

Enumerated powers are the powers explicitly granted to congress by the Constitution. powers that are specifically mentioned, or listed, in the Constitution

Under separation of powers principles laws can only made by?

Under the separation of powers, principles laws can only be made by the Congress.

What is the compensation for members of congress?

Delegated Powers are powers given only to the federal government. Reserved Powers are powers reserved for state governments. and concurrent powers are powers shared between the state and federal governments. Implied powers are powers that congress are not specifically listed in the constitution and expressed powers are powers of congress that are specified.