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Proper removal installation heatercore;1996 chevy blazer?

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Remove battery cables remove entire dash to the firewall drain coolant remove the old core replace with new core and then flush out the entire cooling system and ill with the green stuff and never use dex-cool again. Total project time 6- 12 hours. six if you can raise the vehicle up on lift or are a contortionist there is supposedly a way to cheat and only loosen right side of the dash but most people end up with the steering column laying in the front seat and nothing else. good luck

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2000 s10 blazer transmission linkage removal?

forget about it

What is the proper tire pressure for a 1991 Chevy S10 blazer?

your question should be , whats the proper pressure for the tiers on my 91 s-10 blazer this information is embossed on your tiers

Spark plug installation Chevy blazer 1995?

Apparently it's less difficult when the car is on hoist.

1991 Chevy s10 blazer fuel pump installation and wiring vin z?

what color wire is the hot

Chevy Blazer Electrical problems?

Chevy Blazer electrical problems can be caused by a brunt wire or shortage. For a proper diagnoses, contact a certified mechanic.

What is the Proper transmission fluid for 1997 blazer?

Dexron III is the correct fluid for this application

Is 2004 Chevrolet S10 4-Door Blazer easy to work on?

With proper tools and knowledge, yes.

How long does it take to replace a wheel bearing hub in a 96 blazer?

With the proper tools and knowledge, 1 hour.

What is the front axel nut size on a 1999 Chevy s 10?

35mm just like the blazer, bought a socket today at autozone 1/2" drive $21.oo. fits perfect, air impact gun makes removal and installation a cinch, this is a locking type nut comes off hard goes on hard.

Heater box removal 1999 Chevy blazer?

Open the two front doors and remove everything from the front seat to the firewall, I'm not kidding.

Air conditioning bracket removal for 2000 Chevy blazer?

Your 2000 Chevy Blazer air-conditioning bracket is held in place with for retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts with a 9/16 socket. The air-conditioning bracket will come off.

How long will a 98 Chevy s 10 blazer with 188000 miles last?

With proper care and maintenance, as long as you want it to.

How long does the motor last in a s10 blazer?

The motor in a S10 Blazer can last for many years. It will really depend on how well the vehicle has been taken care of. With proper maintenance, the motor can last more than 200,000 miles.

98 blazer heater core how do you get it out?

A Chilton's manual can be bought at any auto parts for your vehicle . It costs less than $20 and will give you start to finish removal and installation with photos , list of tools needed , and any safety advice . It also comes in handy later on when doing other repairs.Worth its weight in gold. First thing I buy whenever I buy a vehicle .

How do you change the air conditioner evaporator in 1999 Chevy blazer?

Big job! Requires the removal of the dash assembly then the removal of the HVAC box. To many steps to list here. Recommend purchasing a shop manual for that vehicle if you intend on doing this job yourself.

Will a transmission from a 92 s-10 blazer fit in a 1996 s-10 blazer?

AnswerThe Transmission, in my 1992 S-10 Blazer Four-wheel drive, with the 4.3 V-6, came out of a 1996 S-10 Blazer w/FWD. I had no problems with the installation, other than having to jack the body up, to get the Engine and Transmission out. it will fit. but the computers have two different style processors so after you put it in you will find that it doesnt work

1999 Chevy blazer removal of middle spak plug drivers side?

Piece of cake, do not believe the hype. It is easily accessible by using a wobbly socket extension.

Chevy blazer 99 front door panel removal?

i think you should remove the door first then remove the door panel by hitting it with a soft hammer to release it.

How do you make the heat shut off in your s-10 blazer?

The temp blend door actuator is probably at fault. Replacing it requires removal of the dash assembly.

What is blazer in French?

blazer :)

Will a 2001 blazer engine fit a 1999 blazer?

wiil a 1999 blazer engine fit a 2002 blazer

Where can you find a detailed diagram of a transmission on a 1995 blazer?

For a proper and complete diagram you need the Chilton (MECHANICS VERSION) for that vehicle. Not cheap but great to have.

How do you open the rear tailgate of a 1996 Blazer to fix the assembly when the electric release is broken?

It is the actuator, look this up on Blazer forum, someone will tell you step by step how to fix it!! You will have to loosen the inner panel and get your hand in there and find the proper linkage to pull on.

What is the correct tire pressure on a 2000 Chevy Blazer ZR2?

On the driver's door, you will find a sticker that has various tires sizes. Find yours and follow the proper size to the proper pressure. Front and rear may be different.

Labor cost for radiator 1998 blazer. i have a radiator.i need to know how much i can expect to pay for installation?

a good mechanic should charge at the most between $90 to $100 labor.