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Psychologically what is the difference or benefits of exercising as part of a class as opposed to training alone?

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In general, people will work harder when there are other people doing the same thing next to them. And with an instructor giving you every move. If you do it on your own, you are more likely not to work as hard or do as many reps. It's just the way most people are. A class also give you moves you may not know how to do properly or at all. You will get benefits from both class work outs and on your own work outs.

Similar benefits can be achieved through working alone with a DVD as when working with a live group in a Gym or other setting. The DVD option combines some of the benefits of each of the other options. For one, it allows the exerciser to be in charge of which work out will be done, and when, on any particular day as is the case when working completely alone doing one's own routine or regimen.

While giving the exerciser increased control, DVD options also bring the enthusiasm and encouragement that come from having a leader, as well as instructions on proper technique that come from a class teacher. Those DVDs which include a group along with the instructor would bring the motivation that comes from working out with others, similar to a live class, albeit without the real-time interactions which would likely occur in a live class.


exercising with a group such as in a cardio class of some sort you have some added benifits. you can learn new and proper techniques from others that have more experience. you will tend to work harder with someone giving direction. if a group is doing 20 push ups you will probobly try to do the whole 20. if by your self you might only do 10 if you start to get tired,

and depending on where you work out and with who, you are more likely to continue coming back long term with others encouraging you.

now if you are serious about your work out you will probobly want to work out alone because you know what you are doing and what your body needs. Lifting weights with a partner is safer and you can push a little harder knowing someone is there to back you up if you cant get it up. lifting with a partner you will defidently have serious encouragement and will work much harder than you would alone.

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no idiot. Not my answer above; Yes you can get a fever from exercising usually this is caused by too much exercising or what is usually called over training. For you to get sick from exercising or over training you would have to be exercising strenuously everyday with very little rest between training days and a poor diet. But no you will not get sick from regular exercising. So get up off that couch and move you butt and remember consult the advice of a physician before beginning any strenuous exercise regime.

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Physical fitness is training i.e. exercising

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It typically refers to a training routine that people do to stay healthy, such as lifting weights or jogging. It also refers to other types of training and practice such as a military exercise. In a larger verbal sense, it means "to use". Thus we talk about exercising emergency powers, or exercising executive prerogative, or exercising a right to do something, or exercising your mental powers. Its specialized sense comes from exercising or using your muscles to make them stronger.

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difference between skills and training in usig them

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One of the benefits of muscular training exercises is improved basal metabolic rate.

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