Chevy Blazer S-10

Put a new water pump on your 1989 Chevy blazer and now your temperature gauge reads 260 degrees can someone tell you what to do?


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put a new water pump on a 1989 Chevy blazer and now the temperature gage reads over 260degrees help pleas

Check the wire from the temperature sending unit on the engine block. Replacing the water pump would have nothing to do with that unless you pinched the wire somewhere or the pump is defective and your engine is actually overheating. I assume it is not and is running normal. If it is actually overheating, you either have a bad pump or the thermostat is sticking or you did not replace all the antifreeze. Leave the radiator cap off and run the engine. Check to see if you see liquid movement or comming up and out the opening. If you do see movement, the pump is good.