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1: ask how is it where you are.

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Q: Questions to ask in a long distance relationship?
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Can somebody help my teenage long distance relationship trouble?

I'm in a long-distance relationship too, feel free to message me; or simply ask more detailed questions using the bar above.

How do you ask her if she wants a long-distance relationship?

Simple....... Go to her and say how would you feel about a long distance relationship........ It's not going to be that hard.................

How do you ask a girl to have a long distance relationship?

just come strait out with it if she loves you she'll say yes

Can you ask long questions in

You can ask long questions to an extent, the amount of characters the system allows is an limit, however, people can ask long questions.

What can you do to convince your boyfriend that a long distance relationship can work?

Think about this for a minute. Presumably, you are going to be some distance apart in the near future. He does not believe that a long-distance relationship will work. Just think about these facts alone for a moment. What is the message that he is giving you by telling you that a long-distance relationship will not work? He is very likely already thinking that he will look for a new relationship. Relationship decisions have to be mutual. One person can't decide for another. Instead of trying to convince him of something, ask him if he wants to try having a long-distance relationship. And listen carefully to what he says.

What NZ immigration questions in interview?

NZ immigration may ask various questions in an interview. If you are immigrating to be with your spouse, they may ask you questions about your relationship.

How to know if a guy still loves you in a long distance relationship?

you don't know but you could ask someone who you know that knows him if they think he does. or you could ask him straight out

What if you are in long distance relationship and you have been in it for almost 3 years and your man tells you that he loves you but how do you know if he is playing you?

3 years long distance seems to lack a certain amount of comitment if you were to ask me.

Should I stay or break up with my boyfriend who is in California and I am in Ohio?

It depends on how mature both of you are. If you had a strong relationship when he was with you then there is no reason you cannot keep the relationship going as long as one or both of you can visit each other and you stay in touch. Although there are a few success stories of long distance romances few ever last because of the distance.

Is there a limited number of questions you can ask on WikiAnswers?

No there is not a limit, you can ask as many questions as you want as long as they are appropriate questions.

How do you ask your long distance boyfriend to be your valentine?

Ask him

How do you deal with your beloved crush moved away?

you just have to move on or if you had the guys number ask him to visit you and maybe have a long distance relationship

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