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Radiator fan not coming on in a 92 Grand Am where is the fan relay Having ac problems only cools when accelerating also some overheating problems when idling?

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October 01, 2005 3:19PM

I had a 1994 Grand Am SE and it had the same problem. The fan is probaly not working. When you are going down the road, air enters the front of the car and helps cool the radiator and engine down. When it is sitting the fan should come on. It could be a relay, but it probaly the fan. We had the fan replaced and that fixed it. i had that problem too. if you have the know how you can hook up your existing fan straight to the battery to see if it is indeed a relay or the actuall fan. if your fan still works then try the relay. you can also hook up your fan to a toggle switch inside the vehicle, or run it to a switched hot terminal in your fusebox and it will run as long as the car is on. I also had the same problem I just took the fan out cleaned it and oil and greesed up the motor and insie and now it works fine. I had that problem too, I changed the engine coolant, and somehow that fixed the problem.