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Internal engine antifreeze leak what else could cause besides headgasket? there is no antifreeze in the oil it is clean

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Q: Radiator fluid coming out of exhaust pipes?
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Will your exhaust system start smoking if your transmission is leaking?

yes, if the trans fluid is hitting the exhaust, but not out of the pipes coming from the outside of the pipes.

Is there supposed to be popping noises coming from exhaust pipes?

If your talking about it doing that after you have turned off the engine then yes. That's just the hot exhaust pipes and catalytic converter contracting as they cool.

Where is the oxygen sensor for Sequioa?

There are 4 total - 2 pre-catlytic convertor and 2 post. In the exhaust pipes coming off the manifolds - just follow the exhaust pipes and you'll find them..

How looking to change 1985 manual Ford Laser radiator with 1989 auto Ford Laser and noticed that the auto radiator has 2 extra pipes coming from it can you still change the radiator?

If the overall dimensions are correct with two radiators you can use the automatic radiator to a manual tranny car. Those two extra pipes are for the transmission fluid cooler. You have to block those two pipes, or connect them. I used my manual '89 Escort more than 3 years with an used radiator which came from an automatic car.

Water come out of exhaust pipes?

If you do short trip driving moisture collects in the exhaust as it doesn't have time to dry out and then you get the water coming out of the tailpipes, the hot gasses from the engine and the cold pipes when first started creates moisture.

Where is oxygen sensor on a 1995 ford F150 5.0 L?

Usually in the exhaust pipes coming off the manifolds

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2001 expedition?

In the exhaust pipes under the truck. In the exhaust pipes under the truck.

What exhaust pipes do you recommend to your friends and people looking for exhaust pipes?

There are many different types of exhaust pipes all with different reliabilities. The best type would be stainless steal exhaust pipes which do not rust and therefore last the longest. They are however the most expensive.

What does the exhaust mainifold do?

It collects the exhaust gasses and directs them to the pipes.

What do you call a truck with two exhaust pipes?

dual exhaust

Do helicopters have exhaust pipes?

Yes they do

Why are the inflow pipes at the bottom of the radiator?

the radiator is the same for automatic trans. and manuel trans. you dont use the inflow pipes ( transmission cooler ) for manuel trans. but two hoses r used if vehicle has auto. trans. to cool trans. fluid. it is ok to leave pipes open for manuel trans. as its not used

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