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are they adjust properly? heat comes from friction, maybe they are rubbing w/out you knowing. Agree with previous answer, but also check for calliper cylinder being stuck.

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โˆ™ 2008-06-05 21:14:09
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Q: Rear hubs on 1997 silverado gets hot after driving but just put new brakes on whats wrong?
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How do I fix my car brakes?

whats wrong with them?

Why is the abs brake light on silverado?

You probley have a bad wheel sensor on 1 of the wheels. You need to have a shop scan the ABS system to see whats wrong, That's the only way to know for sure whats wrong.

2000 silverado heat wont work not thermostat not heater core not controls whats wrong?

try the bend door

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whats wrong if my car wont shift to the next gear automaticly when its driving

What could be wrong with a car if it makes a screech noise when driving?

Numerous possibilities, wheel bearing, brakes, belts, etc.

94 suburban shifting at high rpm whats wrong?

Check your transmission fluid. This happened to me in my 1992 Chevy Silverado & it turns out I had a tranny fluid leak.

What could be wrong with your 98 Malibu if it squeaks only when driving under 60 and it stops when the brakes are put on or when driving faster?

check brake pads for thickness. check hubbearings.

Whats wrong when your 1980 Pontiac Phoenix is making noises when you are driving?

This is too general of a question. Please describe the noises.

1989 Chevy silverado won't start. It turns over gets gas but won't start. Whats wrong?

try replacing the ignition coil

What is wrong when driving that you smell and see burning from the back tire?

You may have a defective tire or your rear brakes are out of adjustment and not releasing properly

Whats wrong with your 1990 acura integra ls when it dies while driving but has a new battery?

Check the alternator. 90% of the time that's it.

When you turn your car on your speedometer starts moving and your odometer starts registering miles as if you were driving it whats wrong and how can i fix it?

Sounds like a sensor

What wrong with van when driving feels like brakes are on and brake petal is hard to push down?

Sounds like your handbrake is stuck or rear brake drums are seized. Check out hand barke system and rear brakes.

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How do you figure out whats wrong with the back brakes on a 89 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer They used to work a month ago or so and now they are completely gone no brake place can figure them out?

well if you have no brakes in the back of youre jeep the best thoing to do is put new brakes on it brakes do wear down after a while and if no shop can fugure it out then i would go to a better shop if you have to go to dealer because if they cant figure out what is wrong with youre brake they have no bussness being a mechanic

What is wrong with the brakes if a car won't come to a complete stop after firmly pressing the brakes?

brakes need replaced

How can you stop dodge neon rear brakes from squealing after sitting?

You should have your brakes cleaned! Or have a mechanic look to make sure nothing is wrong. My neon does this and after driving a while it stops. Sometimes rust,dust and dirt particals get on the drums !!

What is wrong with your car when you are driving and it makes a screeching sound and stops when you put your foot on the brakes?

you need new brake shoes. go to auto zone and they will help you out.

The brakes on my 99 jeep wrangler wont hold any air pressure and I have tried bleeding the line but it didnt help Whats wrong?

brake master cilinder might be gone

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Why does your Jeep Cherokee stall when you are driving?

Your best bet here is going to be to take your Jeep to an autoparts store and have them check the computer. Then you will know just whats wrong.