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have you tried to tighten up the nut, sometimes the nuts loosen up , just pop off the cover and tighthen, it might work

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โˆ™ 2008-04-01 19:34:17
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Q: Rear wiper on the 1998 ford expedition is stuck motor seems to be running any suggestions?
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What can you do to troubleshoot the Windshield wiper motor for a 1994 Mercedes C-280?

You need to remove the wiper motor and linkage assembly. Then disconnect the motor from the linkage, and turn on the wipers, to see if the motor is running or not. Then when you have the linkage out, manaully move back and forth to see if its binding or not. Usually a bad motor. Unfortunately, MB seems to have many problems with the wiper blade motors.

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Windshield wiper motors have an internal switch that allows a wiper motor to stay running long enough to keep the wipers moving until they reach the "park" position. Once the wiper gets to the park position, the wiper motor is shut off. The internal switch often fails and either the motor will shut off immediately, wherever it is or it will keep running. It sure seems that you need a new wiper motor.

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Bent axle? Bent wheel Tires out of balance Engine running on all cylinders?

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The blower on your GMC Safari worked on and off and now dose not work at all?

My '93 Safari does the same thing. I probably need to replace the blower motor but I found that, with the engine running and with the fan switched to high, if I open the hood and tap on the blower motor housing with a piece of wood, the motor starts and runs for a period of time. After repeating this a few times when the motor doesn't run, it seems to work fine for weeks before quitting again. Hope that helps.

Could someone toss me some suggestions on what to do about a 95 Honda Civic EX that seems to shut off once warm?

engine temp sensor?

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Why do 2001 mercury grand marquis wind shield wipers stay up when off?

I had the same problem with my 92 Grand Marquis. Seems that the windshield wiper motor was running in the opposite direction for one reason or another. You may need to replace the motor or have someone look at it. Fortunately for me, my mechanic drilled a hold on the motor and flipped around, now my windshield wipers stay down when not being used, however they stay up when in use... weird.

How can you see where the coolant leak is coming from It seems to me that its coming from between transmission and motor?

It is possible for coolant to leak out between the motor and transmission, if a freeze plug has been leaking. I had this problem on an old International Travelall I had. The motor will need to be pulled.

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Did you change the fuel filter?

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Believe it or not. ADD COOLANT>

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Why does my Peugeot 206 rear wiper keeps running?

I had this and other problems with the rear wiper - fitted 2nd hand motor - no joy. try removing wiper motor from screen (remove wiper arm and internal cover - disconnect wiring from motor - remove motor from screen) place on a flat surface with wiper shaft pointing downwards and remove the screws and top cover. You will see an almost circular brass track and 2 tiny rollers under the top cover. Using a cotton bud gently remove the grease from the track and the rollers. Then spray liberally with WD40. It seems that the build up of grease on the track / rollers prevents the motor sensing the end of stroke thus causing the wiper to carry on running. It worked for me!!