Remove male pipe broken in fixed steel pipe?

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How do you remove the broken closet flange from inside an ABS black pipe or is there an adapter that would fix the outside of the pipe?

Answer . \nWhat is actually broken the flnge ring rusted out and broke or the abs pipe?\n. \nAbs pipe/flange broken:\n. \nUse a ram bit to cut it out and install a new one.\n\n. \nuse a compression or expansion flange\n ( Full Answer )

Who is responsible for fixing a broken sewer pipe under your trailer?

Answer . The owner of the trailer. broken sewer pipe . Since sewer systems are installed by the municipality and the maintenance thereof, it's their responsibility to take care of it. Now,if you're renting BOTH the trailer & the lot,that should be on the management to take the necessary acti ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate steel pipe weight?

please i will said what i do but please make acheck if u have asteel pipe and want to know the weight of it you have toknow the following 1- the outer diameter 2- the thickness of the pipe the u do the following ] (outer diam - thickness) * 3.14 * 7.85 * thikness * lenght of pipe(in millemeter) / 10 ( Full Answer )

What is the coefficient of expansion of steel pipe?

steel pipe expands at .0000067 per deg. per foot example a steelpipe 100 ft.long at 30F when heated to 80F will be EL=expansionlength L1=original length t2-t1=temp change CE=coefficient ofexpansion L2=final length EL=100(80-30)x.0000067100x50x.0000067=.0335 or 3/8" (approx.) L2=100ft. 3/8in. Pipeli ( Full Answer )

How do you fix a plumbing vent pipe?

Plumbing vent pipe is installed through a cathedral ceiling andmetal roof surface there is no easy access into the roof cavity. Inan attic after cut off the elbow whose female end contained theremains of the ABS pipe, glued on a short extension and new elbowin the attic, and glued a new plumbing ven ( Full Answer )

How do I fix a leaking pipe in the basement?

1- What kind of pipe Gas, water ,waste ? Water 2- What type of material black steel, copper, brass, cast iron PVC, ABS, galvanized ? Cast iron 3- Joints Soldered, welded ,threaded, glued, soldered, brazed, compression ,flaire , Caulked, No Hub , MJ? don't know

How do you join copper pipe to steel pipe?

Depending if you are talking about stainless steel or galvanised steel. Either way, you need to use copper compression fittings, otherwise known as conex fittings in some countries. Also, you need to be aware of galvanic corrosion if you are connecting copper pipes to galvanized steel pipes. The j ( Full Answer )

What is the thermal expansion of steel pipe?

Thermal expansion refers to the tendency of matter to change involume in response to a change in temperature. Stainless steelpipes has a thermal expansion of 4.6 inches/100 feet at 400 degreesFahrenheit. Materialsexpand cold shrink when heated. Pipeline is not immune to thesenatural laws, so they w ( Full Answer )

Can you fix a broken marijuana pipe?

it depends on its material but most likely no and if you could it would be cheaper to buy a new one i stopped using pipes and now carry a sneak a toke

How do you miter cut steel pipe?

Calculate the true angel of pipe it will change with the grade in and grade out of the pipe that mist be bent or cut to provide a bend make a cut templet and cut and pull together the pipe and reweld it then re coat the damaged coating and lineing

How do you dissolve concrete in a steel pipe?

There is a product called "back-set" that might do the trick,its based on a compound from sugar cane, it returns the cement tothe gel state, then you just wash it off, but you would need anequal volume of the stuff to you volume of concrete, at about 25bucks a gallon.

What is black steel pipe?

Black iron is the uncoated steel and is also called as black steel.When steel pipe is forged, a black oxide scale forms on its surfaceto give it the finish which is seen on this type of pipe. Becausesteel is subject to rust and corrosion, the factory also coats itwith protective oil. Those black ste ( Full Answer )

How are steel pipes are made?

Seamless steel pipes are made by heating solid ingot and pushing a piercing rod \nto form a hollow tube. Finishing of seamless steel could be done through \ntechniques such as hot rolled, cold drawn, turned, roto-rolled etc. After going \nthrough the finishing process, all pipes are then pressure te ( Full Answer )

How to Replace broken water pipe?

That woulld depend on the piping materials and local codes as copper TYPE L , K or M should not be threaded and plastic piping should NEVER be lead wiped to a brass ferrule and Cast Iron should not be glued

How you can make a steel pipe brittle?

If usability of the pipe is no issue, and you have the safety equipment, I suppose you could clean it off with soap, and then rinse it with HCl, and then scrape at it for a while. Alternatively, you could use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze it, and then strike it with a hammer. I have never personal ( Full Answer )

How do you fix broken plumbing pipes?

\nWhat plumbing pipes? Water or waste?\n. \nWhat material is it? Copper? Galvanised? PVC? Brass? \n. \nWhat size are the pipes in question?

In fallout 3 where are the broken pipes?

There lots of broken pipes in Fallout 3... mind you 200 years ago there was a nuclear war, so a lot of pipes broke. You can find quite a lot in abandoned metro stations.

How do you measure steel pipe?

I use the Pipe Friendly Measuring Tape made by TekForce. It made measuring pipes so much easier and faster.

Are steel pipe unions directional?

No. Some old-school plumbers and pipefitters believe that unions should be installed in one specific direction, and some apprentice training books even say so, but this is only a bit of folklore that has no basis in fact. Anvil International, the maker of most steel pipe fittings, has an illustratio ( Full Answer )

How do you join lead pipe to steel pipe?

You can put the steel pipe inside of the lead and melt the lead toseal it. That's takes experience and some talent. You can join themwith a rubber sleeve that is the right size on each end and held inplace with hose clamps. One cannot solder/ lead wipe lead to steel as one is ferrous andthe other no ( Full Answer )

How do you remove a broken chrome bathroom sink drain pipe from the brass pipe in the wall when there's only half inch of the chrome pipe sticking out of the brass pipe and it can't just be pulled?

There is some possibility that the chrome pipe is threaded directly into the brass pipe. If that is the case, you will probably need to peel the chrome pipe out of the brass. Like untwisting the paper tube in a roll of toilet paper. They corrode and cannot be unscrewed. Replacing it may be a problem ( Full Answer )

How can you fix noise from pipes in wall?

In my old home, the problem had to do with the piping size from the water heater. We never did find a plumber who had a cost effective way to fix it.

How do you fix a broken pipe in the foundation?

If it is at the surface of the foundation, chip away enough of the cement to expose enough of the pipe to work with. An inch or so. If it is somewhere else in or under the foundation, you bust out the foundation and repair it or run a new line above the floor.

What is black carbon steel pipe?

black carbon steel pipeSteel with a surface layer of dark colourediron oxides used for low pressure hot water heating pipes.

How do you fix rust in water pipes?

either sand paper or there are chemicals that clean off rust Replace water lines if rust is inside of pipe. If rusty water in water lines, check for other possible causes.

How do you remove male pipe from stubborn female pipe?

An inside pipe wrench also called a pipe extractor. It drives into the broken off pipe and is then turned with a crescent wrench. Normally a extractor or inside pipe wrench does not work removing a pipe . What works best is the use of a hack saw blade and a chisel to cave in the threads after the ( Full Answer )

How do you remove pipe glue from pipe?

by gradually heating it ANS 2 - I have to do that sometimes wit both PVC and ABS glues . -I find the easiest quickest way is to sand it off with an electric sander.

What is a seamless steel pipe?

Seamless steel pipe is a hollow cross-section, no seams around thelong bar of steel. Steel hollow sections with a large pipe fortransporting fluids, such as the transportation of oil, naturalgas, gas, water and some solid materials, pipes, etc.. Seamlesssteel pipe is a hollow cross-section, no seams ( Full Answer )

Can you sue your landlord for not fixing your broken sewer pipe under the house?

Actually, you have several avenues to take. You can place your rent in a non-interest escrow account in lieu of paying it to the landlord, until repairs are made. This option may not be available in all locations, so check local landlord-tenant laws. You can report the landlord to the local housin ( Full Answer )

How do you remove broken pipe from cast iron body?

This takes a while, but should work. Use a hacksaw blade on the inside of the pipe and cut just through the pipe in two or three places depending on the size of the pipe. Once it is cut, you can pry the pieces out of the cast iron body.

How do you remove broken exhaust pipe from muffler pipe?

If it is welded on, you can grind away at the weld until it either falls off, or you see what appears to be a crack all around the weld ( you can then pry it off). If it is clamped on, then you should just have to beat the rust away with a hammer and chisel. But really, mufflers are so cheap you sho ( Full Answer )

What is steel pipe schedulel 40?

Steel pipe that is schedule 40, means that the steel pipe has a certain amount of threads on it. It also means that it can't be longer than about 10 feet.

What is the difference between carbon steel pipe and seamless pipe?

The difference between Carbon Steel Pipe and Seamless Pipe is Carbon Steel Pipe is made up of Carbon Steel i.e an Iron-Carbon Alloy having Carbon Content ranging from 0.12 to 2%. On the other hand, a Seamless pipe is a pipe that is having no joins in it's full length and the full length is made up ( Full Answer )

How do you remove male pipe threads that broke off in a?

Depends. What it is broke off in. Sometimes you can use a hacksaw blade and cut through the male part just through the threads and then pry out the piece. I have sometimes had to make three cuts and take the pipe out in sections. If it is in another pipe and you can heat the end, this will loosen th ( Full Answer )

Where can one purchase steel pipes?

One can purchase steel pipes from the company called Woodbridge Steel Ltd. This company has been in business since the 1960s and the contact number is 647-693-8192.

What is steel pipe made of?

Ad Muncher They are produced by two distinct methods which result in either awelded or seamless pipe. In both methods, raw steel is first castinto a more workable starting form. It is then made into a pipe bystretching the steel out into a seamless tube or forcing the edgestogether and sealing them ( Full Answer )