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There generally is a insulator on or around the horn plunger. Did it get forgotten, pinched, etc.? I believe the problem is here. Airbag is unrelated I believe.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-10 01:34:47
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Q: Replaced the directional-wiper switch on 96 windstar and now the horn blows constantly when fully assembled - horn blows when wheel is removed and starts when wheel touches steering shaft - airbag off?
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How do you fix the electronic power steering in your 2005 Chevy Cobalt?

The steering column has to be replaced. The steering column has to be replaced.

What might still be wrong with the power steering on a 92 ford aerostar xlt 4l - growls constantly like an over-steering noise replaced pump pressure hose and fluid but noise seems worse than ever?

Have your steering box inspected by a mechanic.

If I have a leak in my power steering hose on 2002 Ford Escape?

Power steering hoses can be replaced if they leak.

Dodge 3500 replaced booster no steering when braking but I have braking and steering at separate times?

Replace the power steering pump.

Where is power steering filter on your 1999 e320?

the filter is built into the power steering reservoir . the filter cant be replaced separately . the reservoir itself should be replaced.

Causes for loss of power steering on 1991 Lexus LS400?

1992 Lexus ls400 no power steering replaced power steering rack because it was leaking but it had p/s.thought it was the rack so replaced agin no luck,replaced the p/s pump still no p/s.

What is a interlock relay and what does it corvette74 and how can you remove your ignition from your steering column?

the hole steering colom needs to be replaced

If power steering fluid is leaking from the driverside inner tie rod what could be the the cause?

If you have rack and pinion steering, the steering gear will need replaced.

How do you take out slack on peterbilt steering?

A pretty common cause of this is that the u-joints in the steering column need to be replaced.

Your power steering pump is leaking and you replaced the pump what do you do its a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

Have you checked the power steering pressure line?

Why after replaced power steering pump fluid blows out of fill cap?

IS the belt turning the power steering pump backwards

1998 aurorarack and pinion was replace and power steering pumpstill leaking power steering fluidwondering why?

seems like the steering pump should have been repaired or replaced

Can a normal steering be replaced with Power Steering in Nissan Micra S?

It can be done but it is not worth the trouble as you will have to take the steering rake out and fit a power steering pump and resivoir it is not worth the trouble as you will have to change the rake and fit a steering pump and resivoir

Why does my Venture power steering whine?


What to do if Chevy astro does not start?

i replaced the steering column and the fuel filter. the radio was stolen

Why do you have to have the rack and pinion replaced when power steering pump is replaced?

Hey Marilyn==Either the gear is leaking otr the line wasn't tightened when the pump was replaced. GoodluckJoe

When does a control arm need to be replaced?

The control arm of a car needs to be replaced if the car is having trouble steering the front end.

98 Breeze cold start up power steering belt screeches and steering isn't right for first few mins screeches more and wont hardly turn replaced belt last summer and fluid is full any ideas?

Power steering pump should be replaced.

Where to put power steering fluid in a 2005 Saturn ion?

I believe there is none, it has an Electronic power steering. They replaced mine on my 2003 ION.

How do you tell if your steering box needs replaced?

It gets very hard to steer

Steering wheels shakes when braking?

You need the front rotors machined or replaced.

97 ford t-bird v6 power steering constantly whining?

Needs fluid

How do you diagnose a power steering problem in a 2007 Chevy Cobalt?

There isn't much to diagnose. Either the electronic steering works or does not. You can check that the wiring harness or wires are not damaged, but when a power steering failure occurs with the electronic steering on the cobalt the electronic steering component must be replaced.

What causes the steering wheel to shake in a 99 Jetta when reaching 3000-4000 RPMs?

Steering wheels shaking are usually attributed to bad steering racks. The steering rack is unstable and will not be able to safely control the vehicle. It should be replaced.

How do i know if its my power steering pump or belt that needs to be replaced on my 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

there is only one serp. belt if the belt is cracked or worn then it needs to be replaced the powersteering pump is bad if it's hard to turn the steering wheel make sure it has power steering fluid and that it does't leak