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The two cables are pretty easy to remove, the front brake cable requires you to slacken off the top adjuster right next to the brake lever, then slacken off the bottom adjuster nuts top and bottom (its a 12 or 14mm cant remember which) then pull up the cable until all the threaded part is above the little tab that holds then the wire fits through the slot to get it out. the rest for the front brake cable you should be able to figure out. the speedo cable has one Phillips head screw on the hub that you have to undo, you made need an impact driver as they can be extremely tight. once undone the cable pulls out and then on the bottom speedo behind the light or above the headlight depending on your model follow the cable up then undo the little thing that holds the cable onto the speedo. is a bit hard to describe. Hope this helps:)

2011-09-13 13:30:47
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Q: Replacing the damaged front end of my Honda CT110 motorbike and I am unsure how to remove the front brake cable and odometer cable Can someone assist?
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